New gadget ensures super in-car MP3 streaming

NextGen Venturi today launched the Venturi Mini, the world's first wireless car gadget incorporating both Bluetooth and radio transmitter technology.

The two technologies let you stream high-quality MP3 tunes from a digital music player or from up to four separate mobile phones when you're in the car. The sleek, pocket-sized Venturi Mini uses wireless FM radio bandwidth to integrate with the existing in-car speaker system. It also handles hands-free calls and charging.

The Venturi Mini plugs into your car's 12V cigarette lighter socket. It features both Bluetooth 2.0 and 4th generation Clear Voice Capture DSP technologies. No installation is required, and the device is easily transportable between cars.

The device also uses RDS technology to allow you to see who's calling on your car radio display. When you answer an incoming call your music is automatically paused while you talk hands-free. It then restarts automatically.

Charge on the move

The charger function features a standard USB style 5v port, so you can charge your gadgets while on the move. It will continue to play music, and take and make calls, while still ensuring that you arrive at your destination charged up and ready to go.

Your music and calls are controlled using the scrollwheel interface and OLED display. Instructions and messages are transferred wirelessly to your car's radio display for minimal distraction.

The Venturi Mini will go on sale in September, priced at £80.