Ever get into the wrong Uber? There's a fix for that

Uber Spot

Ever find yourself accidentally getting into the wrong Uber car, or having to ask the driver of a stopping car if he/she is your Uber, only to find out they aren't even an Uber driver?

While you can easily spot a taxi, an Uber car is not as easy to spot as they aren't required to show an Uber placard - especially is alcohol is involved.

It's also sometimes difficult for Uber drivers to figure out who exactly they are picking up on a crowded street.

But finally, you can stop propositioning random drivers, with Uber introducing color coded lights to make sure you're not in getting into the wrong car.

'Spot' your Uber

Called 'Spot', Uber will be testing the color coded system in Seattle first, and includes a strip of LED lights placed in the windshield of an Uber car.

Once you book an Uber car through the Uber app, you'll be asked to choose a color from a selection of blue, green, orange, pink, purple or yellow.

When your Uber driver arrives, the LED lights will light up in the color you chose, and you can tap on your phone's screen to light up in the same color, so your driver will be able to pick you out of the crowd as well.

"Spot is the latest experiment in our ongoing effort to make Uber pickups as seamless as possible," Uber said.

"When riders and drivers can easily find each other, we're able to trim down wait times, which is a win for everyone."