Audi wheels out Sport Quattro concept with laser eyes

Audi SQ
What a blinder: Audi's new concept has laser headlights

A concept car with frickin' laser beams for headlights? That'll be the Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight, equipped with laser headlights capable of illuminating the road up to 500 metres ahead.

We've seen the Sport Quattro concept in a coupe of guises before, most recently at the Frankfurt motorshow last year.

This new respin for the CES show combines MatrixBeam LED and laser light technologies. Two low-profile trapezoidal elements are visible within the headlights.

The outer one generates the low beam light using MatrixBeam LEDs and an aperture mask, while the inner element produces laser light for high-beam functionality.

Audi SQ

A productionised version of the Sport Quattro concept is looking likely

What a blinder

The laser diodes are significantly smaller than LED diodes - just a few microns in diameter. Net result? Bathing the road ahead with pin-sharp illumination for up to 500 metres. Quite what that means for oncoming traffic, we daren't imagine.

Audi SQ

The Audi Sport Quattro concept sports Nvidia 3D graphics inside

Other highlights offered by the concept include 700hp's worth of four-wheel drive Quattro powertrain and Nvidia Tegra-powered multimedia gubbins with 3D graphics.

The Sport Quattro Laserlight coupe remains a concept, but Audi has made postive noises regarding a productionised version going on sale in a year or three.


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