Obama may talk self-driving cars in State of the Union tonight [Updated]

President Barack Obama

Update: Well, we weren't treated to much discussion on self-driving cars. President Obama talked about transportation of the future, but never mentioned self-driving cars by name.

The Detroit auto show is still underway, so regulations and further discussion on the new tech could still be forthcoming.

Original article below...

President Barack Obama is set to discuss self-driving cars during his final State of the Union address tonight, according to reports.

Government officials revealed the news to reporters earlier today, according to Reuters, and it would have marked the first time the president will speak about the emerging transportation technology during the annual speech.

Mark Rosekind, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will be in Detroit later this week "to amplify stuff that's coming out of the State of the Union on self-driving cars."

Out-going President Obama is also set to attend the Detroit auto show that begins next week, according to another report from AutoNews.

Both the president and Foxx are expected to discuss the Obama administration's desire to speed up the introduction of self-driving cars to the country, and will likely include talks about developing federal regulations and guidelines.

Currently, regulations have been introduced state-by-state, with California's DMV releasing a proposal late last year.