State of the Union 2016: how to watch online

State of the Union

The final State of the Union address of President Barack Obama's time in office is now over, but you can still watch or rewatch the speech on a number of platforms.

The White House Twitter account posted a replay of the president's full remarks, which you can view on the platform.

The speech will also be available all week on Amazon Video for those living in the US. It shouldn't be too long before the full address is posted online. For the full text of the speech, it's now up on Medium.


State of the Union 2016: what time does it start

The State of the Union is set to begin at 6pm PT/9pm ET Tuesday.

State of the Union 2016: what to expect

You'll want to tune into Obama's speech as he's doing things a little differently for his final SOTU.

Breaking from tradition, the president will look beyond an agenda for the coming year and instead focus on the issues facing the US and globe for years to come. He'll look at issues such as the economy, climate, health care and gun violence - an empty chair will be left in the First Lady's box to represent the victims of gun violence.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is also among the special guests who will be sitting in the First Lady's box, a sign we should get a decent amount of tech talk in the president's speech.

Satya Nadella

(Credit: Microsoft/Twitter)

In the vein of mixing it up, the White House Office of Digital Strategy is offering several new ways to watch and engage as the address is happening live.

State of the Union on YouTube

It feels a bit odd to call it so, but ol' reliable YouTube of course streamed the State of the Union. It was viewable on the White House channel on phones, tablets and computers, and a full replay should be available before long.

State of the Union on White House website

As it has been for years past, the State of the Union live streamed the speech. We also expect a replay to be posted there. Just head to

State of the Union on Amazon

For the first time ever, the State of the Union is headed to Amazon Video. You could stream it on-demand as it happened live. We've asked Amazon whether the speech will be viewable in all regions Amazon Video is available, and will update this article when we hear back.

But the SOTU fun doesn't end on Amazon after Tuesday. The streaming service will continue to make the speech available from Wednesday through the end of the week for US citizens to watch. You can also fire up the speech on your Amazon Fire TV.

State of the Union on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

The White House just joined Snapchat, so you know the team there is ultra hip on the social media front.

That is abundantly clear with plans to play video excerpts from the SOTU on The White House Facebook and Twitter accounts in real-time. Look for photos on The White House Instagram, GIFs on Tumblr and looping vids on Vine. Snapchat also gives citizens a new way to see what it takes to run the highest office in the land.

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