Samsung is giving away free Galaxy Note 10+ phones... if you buy an 8K TV first

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Want a 5G phone, but think you need to prioritize a new TV instead? Well Samsung will be throwing in a 5G-ready Samsung Galaxy smartphone with any purchase of its Samsung Q950R 8K QLED TV, for a limited time.

The offer is set to run until January 28, 2020, providing budding TV buyers a chance to get a complimentary Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G handset for free, providing over £1,000 of savings.

Of course, you'll need to buy an 8K QLED to make that happen – and with a minimum spend of £2,000 on the smallest 55-inch model, there is a significant expense involved. However, if you're already planning to spend that chunk of cash on a high-quality display, getting the latest 5G-ready smartphone is a pretty big perk.

A press release from Samsung clarified that the offer was available with the 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 82-inch models, through select UK retailers "including Dixons, Richer Sounds, JLP, Hughes and other independent outlets."

While we're expecting a number of big Black Friday TV deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the longevity of this offer – which runs into the start of 2020 – should take some of the time pressure off. Either way, you can find the deal below, with some consideration of the advantages of 5G and 8K technologies beneath that.

Free Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with your 8K QLED TV

Free Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with your 8K QLED TV
Want the latest smartphone technology with your brand new TV? Samsung is making the most of its brand synergy with a free 5G smartphone for anyone who buys a Q950R 8K QLED TV – at least until January 28, 2020. The Note 10 Plus is available in Aura Glow.

The case for 5G (and 8K)

You may be thinking: do I need a 5G-capable smartphone, or an 8K television for that matter?

5G is set to become a new standard for mobile phone communication, though its coverage of the UK isn't as complete as existing networks. Even with a 5G phone, you'll largely be making use of 4G in a lot of areas nationwide, though with the option to use a faster and more reliable 5G connection in areas where it's supported. You can find out more in our 5G UK guide.

8K is in a similar place, in that there isn't much 8K content to stream or display on a television screen yet. The upscaling technologies used by Samsung, though, mean that you are getting a crisp and well-defined picture from 4K and HD resolution sources. You can see exactly how well the Q950R performed in our Samsung Q950R 8K QLED TV review.

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