Convert your HD DVDs into Blu-ray Discs

Now that the HD DVD format has been dropped by Toshiba, it seems that many blogs are posting tutorials on

how to make HD DVD movies into Blu-ray ones

. The process involves ripping the HD DVD content onto a computer’s hard drive, and then burning the files onto a Blu-ray Disc.

Unfortunately, though, the whole process seems a bit pointless. Why would anyone want to make HD DVD discs into Blu-ray ones? Surely if you’ve already got an HD DVD player, you might as well use that to play the movies?

Turn HD DVD into Blu-ray

And when you look at the equipment that you need to complete the process, it makes even less sense. To make HD DVD discs into Blu-ray ones, you need an HD DVD drive in your PC, and also a Blu-ray burner in your PC. If you’ve already got drives in both formats, why bother making the conversion?

That’s not to mention the fact that the number of people out there who have both an HD DVD drive and a Blu-ray burner is minuscule.

One HD DVD owner told us this morning: “It’s an interesting idea and one I’d possibly consider it in the future if I ever get a Blu-ray player.

"But I don’t have the kit to make it work. I have an HD DVD player. But I don’t have an HD DVD PC drive, nor do I have a Blu-ray Disc writer drive. So basically that means I won’t be able to do it – and I doubt many other people will either.”

However, if you’re one of the few people who think this kind of thing is a good idea, go and try it, and let us know if it worked.

James Rivington

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