AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs are about to get a ton of tweaks and improvements

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AMD has big plans for its next microcode (ie firmware) update for Ryzen 3000 processors, with the incoming AGESA reportedly making over 100 improvements to help you get more from these 3rd Generation CPUs.

This revelation came from MSI (as spotted by German site in the motherboard maker’s ‘insider’ show.

According to the info provided, AMD will begin to roll out this fresh BIOS update as soon as next week to motherboard manufacturers. They will then fine-tune it for their respective products, with MSI expecting the update to become available to users in November (although we may see beta versions pushed out before then, so perhaps later this month, even).

Exactly what the 100+ enhancements and tweaks will consist of, MSI didn’t reveal, but as Planet3DNow pointed out, AMD has previously mentioned work on an overclocking menu.

Boosty McBoostface

If you’ve been keeping track of news in the Ryzen world lately, you’ll doubtless realize that this next firmware version follows on from AMD’s BIOS fix for issues Ryzen 3000 CPUs were having with not reaching promised boost speeds.

As we saw in a recent analysis, though, simply tweaking up those clock speeds isn’t a magic bullet that solves all boost issues, because sometimes when boost is delivered, it’s to the wrong (non-active) core(s).

Whichever way you dice it, though, Ryzen 3rd Gen processors represent excellent value for money, and with more work incoming which may boost performance levels further – with any luck – AMD should see its storming run of sales continue.

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