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Panasonic 'expands and enhances' 3D plasma televisions

Panasonic VT30
Panasonic VT30

Panasonic has 'expanded and enhanced' its range of Viera Full HD 3D plasma televisions, introducing the VT30 series, along with the midrange GT30 and entry level ST30s.

The VT30 series consists of two models – 65 inch and 55 inch versions – which bring the company's finest 3d and Connected TV technologies, and include Skype video call functionality.

"The VT30 models are distinguished by a one sheet glass design, giving the TVs a beautiful sleek new design element," states Panasonic.


"In addition to providing 3D viewing, the VT30 series of Viera HDTVs includes the enhanced IPTV Viera Connect service, featuring Skype video/voice calling," the company added

"Viera Connect also provides USB connectivity, allowing for the addition of a wireless LAN adaptor, keyboard and USB memory."

The Viera GT30 range includes four models 65, 60, 55 and 50 inch versions, with Infinite Black 2 panel, Viera Connect, Wi-Fi ready (through USB) and Skype/video calling.

The Viera ST30 range has six different screen sizes, from 42 to 65 inches and offers Infinite Black 2 panels, 3D and Viera link.

All three ranges have been given a release date of Spring this year, although no UK pricing is available.

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