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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a very cool trick up its sleeve

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Use the force...or the S-pen Auto Project feature

Remember that scene in Return of the Jedi where R2D2 launches Luke's lightsaber for him to catch? Thanks to the S-pen Auto Project, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could do something similar. Sort of.

According to an official patent, Samsung has designed the S-pen stylus that will come with its upcoming phablet to feature Auto Project, which will automatically eject the stylus from the body of the device when you want to use it.

It does this by using magnets; one in the Galaxy Note 5 and the other in the S-pen stylus. These magnets attract each other, firmly keeping the stylus in place and preventing you from losing it when not in use.

However, the magnet inside the Galaxy Note 5 can then reverse its polarity, repelling the magnet in the stylus and ejecting it from the device.

Simple, yet effective

It's a rather simple solution that could provide an easy way to remove the stylus from the smartphone's body.

Apparently you will be able to get the Glaxy Note 5 to eject the S-pen using a voice command or gesture, so you can feel like a Jedi every time you need to jot something down with your stylus.