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Samsung finally rolling out UK Galaxy S Android 2.3 update

Android 2.3 incoming again. And again. And again.
Android 2.3 incoming again. And again. And again.

Samsung has announced it will be re-rolling out the Galaxy S Android 2.3 update in the near future.

The Korean brand has confirmed it will be bringing the Gingerbread update to theGalaxy Ace, Gio, Fit, Mini and Galaxy Tab as well as the Galaxy S.

As many Galaxy S owners might remember, the Android 2.3 update landed last month for Vodafone customers but was halted by Samsung after rumours that parts of the new OS were causing the platform to fail.

Back from the dead

The new update is set to come to the UK as one of the first markets in 'mid-May', so we can only assume the upgrade will be landing any moment now.

UPDATE: Samsung has got in contact with us to say that the new update will be hitting the UK in 'late May'. It seems the update has been pushed back slightly as a number of users have reported being able to download the software, only for the process to fail halfway through and then no new firmware being available suddenly.

Samsung recently told TechRadar that it will be speeding up its Android software upgrade process after it came under criticism for the length of time it takes to get each update onto handsets, so the brand will be keen to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

The update is still only available via PC connection through the maligned Kies software, so we'll let you know when users start seeing a new upgrade available on their Galaxy S.

Via Samsung Hub