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Xbox Series X price and pre-orders: how and when to buy Microsoft's latest console

Xbox Series X price preorder bundles deals
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We now know that the Xbox Series X will launch November 26, 2020 and both Microsoft and Sony have now laid out the hardware sitting inside their new consoles. That said, we may still be some time away from an Xbox Series X price reveal. That doesn't mean we can't start preparing our wallets, however, and while the rumor mill keeps spinning we're collecting all the latest information from Microsoft itself right here. 

We already know from recent interviews, presentations, and reveals that the Xbox Series X is a damn powerful console. With 12 teraflops of GPU processing, ray-tracing, Navi graphics, and the new Zen 2 CPU, plus a crazy expensive SSD, and 120fps, potential 8K output, next-generation gaming is obviously no joke. You'll find minimal to zero loading times, a snappy Quick Resume to switch between multiple games and the hardware to support a fantastic Project xCloud experience, but this is a console for future-proofing, and that's where the Xbox Series X price is called into question. 

Microsoft has already indicated that it's looking to pitch the Xbox Series X price lower than that of the PS5. With some seriously impressive features hidden inside that cuboid shell, however, just how they're going to keep that price competitive remains to be seen, especially when it comes to the Xbox Series X pre-order window.

Right now, these components don't come cheap and, like the PS5, Microsoft is keeping a wary eye on the competition to ensure its next console's price is perfectly positioned come both Holiday 2020 and the Xbox Series X pre-order window. 

Xbox Series X price: key facts

  • Predicted Xbox Series X price: $499 / £499 / AU$760
  • Next date for Xbox Series X price information: June (historic)
  • Xbox Series X pre order date: June (historic)
  • Xbox Series X bundle deals: Likely to see Xbox Series X bundle deals on Halo: Infinite - the only day one console exclusive we know about so far. 

Xbox Series X price pre order bundles deals

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X price: what to expect

With all that tech under the hood, analysts are predicting an Xbox Series X price of around $499 / £499 / AU$760. That would sit in line with the PS5 price rumors that have been flying around as of late but the Series X price may well sit a little higher than its competition once again. That's a tricky pill to swallow, as Phil Spencer has publically assured fans that Microsoft has not forgotten the unfortunate events of the Xbox One reveal and are working to keep that Xbox Series X price highly competitive. That means we're hoping those estimates are a little out of whack, and we could actually see bundle costs sit lower than that of the PS5. 

With a console that's 4x more powerful than the Xbox One, however, that price difference might not be too much of a chasm. Both consoles are punching some incredible specs, and with that pricey AMD architecture, a new SSD, and powerful graphics, the Xbox Series X certainly isn't cheaping out on us. 

Microsoft finds itself in a strange position, then - offering blockbuster configurations that may well easily beat out the PS5 (though that's easy enough to say without too much information about the competition), but coming in at a potentially cheaper price to avoid being undercut during the launch window. 

One thing's for sure, though, Microsoft isn't going to be the first one to speak. It may well be up to Sony to break the stalemate as we head into March. 

Xbox Series X price: when will we know more?

Microsoft isn't going to be taking the leap with an Xbox Series X price reveal any time soon. With the boos of E3 2013 still ringing in their ears, 2020 will see a slow eeking out of information as each competitor tip toes ahead of the other without revealing too much. The first to put a number on their new console puts themselves in a vulnerable position, wary of last-minute adjustments from the opposition to achieve a smaller cost - the very tactic Microsoft fell victim to during the reveal of the Xbox One. However, leaving it too long after a PS5 announcement also leaves Microsoft open to losing the early adopter markets so integral to Xbox Series X pre-order bundles. 

If the rumors of a PS5 reveal and pre-order launch in April are true, Microsoft could be under a little pressure to make some Xbox Series X price announcements within the next few weeks. They can't let Sony scoop up the early adopter market this soon in the year, so if late March / April does prove fruitful for one, it's likely going to be full of information for both. 

However, historically, we haven't received any of this information until June, with E3 setting the stage for each console's entrance. That does seem more likely right now, but we'll keep you updated with all the latest Xbox Series X price and pre-order information as it happens. 

xbox series x price pre-orders deals bundles

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Xbox Series X price vs. Xbox One and Xbox One X

An Xbox doesn't come cheap (well they do these days, but not quite so at launch), but how does the estimated Xbox Series X price match up against its ancestors? It looks likely we'll see the Xbox Series X pre-order sit at the same position as the One X console of yesteryear - a $499 price tag feels about right and, while it won't disrupt Sony's plans, sits premium but not absurd. The next console is, however, currently being touted as the biggest generational leap of the lineup, so making sure that Xbox Series X price tag matches its predecessors is going to be tricky. 

Xbox Series X pre-orders 

With a price reveal comes early order sales, and while we're not quite there yet, there is a way to get your name in the hat already. An Xbox Series X pre-order will likely set you back around $500, but here's where Microsoft might have already won. 

Xbox All Access offers a hardware subscription inline with Microsoft's new focus on Xbox as a service. Grab a console now and you'll pay in monthly installments with all the Game Pass and Live Gold you could ask for, but you'll also be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series X at launch. That's a pretty sweet deal, especially when you consider the new Smart Delivery feature that allows to you upgrade your Xbox One games for free. 

If you've already got an Xbox console, however, you'll be looking to Xbox Series X pre-orders to get your new toy in as soon as possible. We'll likely see pre-orders taking off from June onwards - conservatively speaking, they will probably follow an Xbox Series X price reveal around the E3 weeks. 

Xbox Series X pre-order bundles deals sales

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Xbox Series X bundle deals: what to expect on day one

The only confirmed exclusive heading to any Xbox Series X bundles on launch day is Halo: Infinite. While this is unlikely to offer a significant discount in day one deals, you may be able to save $10 or so on the game and console combined. 

Other potential launch titles will come from Microsoft's development teams stationed across the world, with a renewed energy on console exclusives leading the way for some excellent Xbox Series X bundles.