Is this Amazon's best Black Friday deal? The Echo Pop and smart bulb bundle for just $17.99

Amazon Echo Pop and Smart Bulb deal
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Amazon's own pre-Black Friday deals are in full swing, and what a big swing it is. This Amazon Pop and TP-Link smart bulb bundle is so cheap it's skirting with a giveaway.

Sure, you'll find all the usual Echo Dots and Fire Tablets, even a cheaper big-screen Amazon Kindle Scribe, but few of Amazon's deals come close to this sub-$20 bargain (there's currently no comparable deal on Amazon's UK store) for the Echo Pop in charcoal with TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb.

Today's bestAmazon Echo Pop and Kasa Smart Color Bulb deal

Echo Pop bundle with TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: $17.99 at Amazon
71% discount -

Echo Pop bundle with TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: was $62.98 now $17.99 at Amazon
71% discount -
This might be the best Black Friday deal from Amazon's sale, and it's likely to sell out. You can get the all-new Echo Pop smart speaker bundled with a TP-Link Kasa smart bulb for just $17.99. That's an incredible discount of $45, and it's the same price as the Echo Pop alone, so with this deal, you're getting a free smart bulb so you can control your lights with your voice from the smart speaker.

Amazon's Echo Pop is the most basic of all Amazon's Echo speakers, but its easy setup, good-enough speakers, better microphones, and wide selection of colors won us over. If we had one criticism, it was that the smart speaker was, at $40.99 / £44.99 / AU$79.99, too expensive for what it offers. This deal wipes away that concern. For $17.99, you get the Echo Pop and a TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb. We've never reviewed that particular smart bulb, but I happened to buy a pair from Amazon a few weeks back and found the setup simple, the app usable, and I had no trouble connecting it to my smart home system.

Of course, the whole reason to buy a bundle like this is that you can immediately start controlling your new smart bulb with Alexa through your new Echo Pop.

This bundle deal cuts 71% off the Echo Pop price and basically throws in a smart bulb for free. Even though the official Black Friday is a week away, I don't think you'll find a better bundle deal on an Echo Pop and smart bulb. Looks like Amazon is almost willing to give away technology to get Alexa (and the ability to shop through it with your voice) into your home.

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Just a reminder that if you're not excited about the Echo Pop, we did rank it among our best Alexa speakers, and you might want to move fast on this deal because it's almost certain to sell out. I mean, who doesn't like ultra-cheap speakers, and what amounts to essentially free stuff thrown in? I know I do.

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