This AI is a ChatGPT for grilling, and it can even barbecue for you

The Vera AI being used with a Brisk It grill
(Image credit: Brisk It)

Asking AI for cooking advice is nothing new. Most adverts for services like ChatGPT, Meta AI, Gemini and the rest include a user asking for help with their meal planning – either requesting week-long schedules or looking for recipes using ingredients in their fridge. But Brisk It is taking things up a level with Vera, an AI that can actually cook for you.

You can ask Vera for general recipe advice too. According to Brisk It it can respond to prompts like “I’m allergic to bell peppers – make me a spicy chicken wing dish,” and “What can I make with leftover ground beef, cilantro, nachos, shrimp, and gouda cheese?” using its large bank of recipe data.

But where it will really stand out is its ability to cook, being able to respond to prompts like “Grill me a medium-rare rib-eye steak” and “Smoke a prime rib roast and a whole chicken at the same time for 15 people” by adjusting your grill’s temperature settings and requesting ingredients.

Before you get too excited, it won’t work with every grill. Specifically Vera is compatible with Brisk It’s Origin 580 and Origin 940 Smart Grills.

The Vera AI being used with a Brisk It grill

(Image credit: Brisk It)

Beyond simply following recipes, Brisk It adds that Vera can react in real time to your cooking choices and mistakes. That means it can apparently tweak its cooking settings to handle a variety of situations “to ensure food comes out top-quality.” So, let's say you forget to flip your steak over, or if neglect to remove a completed dish from the grill.

Obviously it’s worth taking some of these bold claims with a pinch of salt.

AI can make errors, and we suspect Vera isn’t immune to hallucination – the technical term for when AI gets stuff wrong or makes answers up. Also, while we can’t attest to its general cooking abilities without trying Vera out first-hand, we suspect the best results will still require plenty of human involvement.

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