John Lewis January mattress sales: big own brand bargains and Tempur on clearance

John Lewis Boxing Day mattress sales
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If you're hoping to pick up a mattress bargain in the John Lewis January sales, but don't know where to start, we're here to help. The widest selection of discounts are on own-brand (there's 20% off current lines and big discounts on clearance models too) but John Lewis also carries a wide range of other brands, and you'll find price-drops there too. 

You'll find a number of our best mattress picks at John Lewis, including popular modern brands like Emma and Simba, luxury brands like Tempur, and well established names like Sealy and Silentnight. Tempur-Pedic is on clearance, and there are some major bargains to be had (head to our Tempur Hybrid Elite mattress review for a taste of what to expect from this brand).

Read on for a closer look at the best John Lewis January mattress deals, and where to buy if your top pick isn't included in the sale.

The best John Lewis January mattress deals

John Lewis Luxury Natural Collection mattresses:prices from £639

John Lewis Luxury Natural Collection mattresses: reduced to clear, prices from £639
The Luxury Natural mattress collection is perfect if you want a top-quality, traditional mattress for a lower price. Almost the entire collection is heavily discounted in the January sales. These mattresses are handmade in Yorkshire, and use natural fillings – think linen, Egyptian cotton, British wool, mohair, silk – all of which are naturally breathable, eco-friendly and moisture-wicking. These materials are combined with pocket springs to relieve pressure and provide targeted support. You can choose from different firmness preferences, and even opt for a model with a pillow-top for extra luxury.

Tempur mattresses:

Tempur mattresses: reduced to clear, prices from £1,549 at John Lewis
Tempur mattresses are made from super high-end memory foam and come with a high price tag, which is why is well worth taking advantage of the discounts in the John Lewis January sale. Figuring out the differences between the models can be confusing, and this deals guide should make things clearer. Whichever model you opt for, expect a soothing, sink-in feel and excellent motion isolation.

John Lewis Ortho Support mattress:

John Lewis Ortho Support mattress: 20% off, prices from £359.20
The John Lewis Ortho collection are designed specifically for back support and those with active lifestyles. The whole pocket sprung collection is discounted, and you can choose the number of coils you want (the more coils, the better the support and the higher the price). You can pick between medium, medium-firm and firm feels – side sleepers might prefer to opt for the softer end of that, to prevent pressure from building in their shoulder.

Sealy mattresses:

Sealy mattresses: 20% off, prices from £359.20 at John Lewis
The Sealy range comes very well reviewed at John Lewis – it's rare to see a mattress that's been awarded less than five stars. Many of them are available in different firmness levels, and are designed specifically to provide good back support. And some, like the Enhance Bloomsbury Geltex Mattress, come with a cushiony pillow-top for a luxurious look and feel.

Silentnight mattresses:

Silentnight mattresses: 20% off, prices from £159.20 at John Lewis
If you're looking for a budget friendly mattress, check out the Silentnight range, 20% off in the John Lewis January sales. The winner, based on reviews, seems to be the Revive + Geltex mattress, which features individual Mirapocket springs with zoned support to keep your spine happy, alongside an extra layer of mini springs for extra pressure relief. There's also bouncy, gel-infused designed to respond to your body as you sleep.

John Lewis own brand mattresses

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best discounts in the John Lewis Boxing Day sales are on own-brand products. There's 20% off a wide range of current lines, and also big bargains on clearance models.

John Lewis has a fairly wide range of own-brand beds. It includes a couple of different product ranges:

John Lewis ANYDAY Deep Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

The Anyday range is simple and budget-friendly (Image credit: John Lewis)

Anyday is John Lewis' budget-friendly product line. It extends across a wide range of homewares and even clothing, but in the mattress space it means simple but effective memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses. They're more affordable than the regular John Lewis line, but less luxurious. Because they're low-priced in the first place, we wouldn't necessarily expect any Boxing Day / January sales deals, but you never know.

John Lewis Ortho Support 1600 mattress

The main John Lewis mattress range is luxurious and traditional (Image credit: John Lewis)

The regular John Lewis brand mattresses tend to be pricier and more traditional. There are no memory foam models here. Instead, tufted mattresses with pocket springs and contain premium cushioning materials such as wool and hemp. 

Tempur mattress at John Lewis

TEMPUR Cloud Luxe mattress

Tempur makes ultra-luxurious memory foam mattresses (Image credit: Tempur)

Tempur is well known for making seriously luxurious (and expensive) memory foam mattresses. Well, the brand says it's not memory foam but 'Tempur material', but it certainly feels like memory foam to us – it has that gooey, sink-in, slow-moving, joint cradling feel that some find ultra-soothing. We have a Tempur mattress review in the works (and our tester is extremely enthusiastic about it). 

The John Lewis range is fairly comprehensive, with customer reviews and the ability to compare different models. Tempur sales aren't super common, and are definitely worth taking advantage of when they do crop up. 

Simba mattress at John Lewis

Simba Hybrid mattress on a coloured background

Simba excels when it comes to modern hybrids (Image credit: Simba)

Simba makes some of the very best hybrid mattresses in the UK. At time of writing, the only one available via John Lewis is the original model – which we rated very highly in our Simba Hybrid Original mattress review

If you head to the brand's own website, you'll find a wider range of mattresses, including more advanced hybrids (check our Simba Hybrid Pro review) and more basic, cheaper all-foam models (read our Simbatex mattress review). There's pretty much always a Simba mattress sale on, too, so there's a high chance the model you want will be discounted. 

Typically, third party retailers like John Lewis price-match Simba's own deals, but it's worth shopping around before you buy. If the price is the same, we recommend going direct to the brand, as things like the trial period are typically more straightforward that way. 

Silentnight mattresses at John Lewis

Silentnight Recover Miracoil Mattress

Silentnight has a wide range at John Lewis (Image credit: John Lewis)

Silentnight is perhaps one of the best-known and well-established mattress brands in the UK. It's been around longer than trendy newer names like Emma and Simba. It makes a wide range of different beds, but the John Lewis selection focuses on traditional tufted models with coils. Some are better reviewed than others, so do check out the customer comments when deciding which model to go for (we haven't personally reviewed any of these mattresses yet). 

Sealy mattresses at John Lewis

Sealy Posturepedic Embrace Mattress

Sealy makes some excellent orthopedic mattresses (Image credit: John Lewis)

Sealy is a respected traditional bed brand that specialises in orthopedic or posture-focused mattresses. If you have a bad back, this is one that's well worth checking out. Most models are available in a couple of sleep feels, so you can choose if you prefer softer or firmer (side sleepers generally get on with a slightly softer mattress, while back or stomach sleepers, and those with back pain, might get on better with a firmer feel). 

There's a bit of a range of prices, but generally these are on the pricier side. They look to be well-made and high quality, and the review scores suggest they're delivering on the comfort and support front, too. However, a discount would be welcome, to make these a little more affordable. 

Emma mattress at John Lewis

Emma Original mattress in a bedroom

Emma makes excellent, affordable memory foam mattresses (Image credit: Emma Sleep)

Emma makes what we consider to be the best memory foam mattress. You can read more in our Emma Original mattress review, but the short version is that this mattress has a medium firmness and gently cradling memory foam layers, which create an ultra-soothing sleep surface that's especially comfortable for side sleepers. At time of writing, this is the only model available via John Lewis. 

If you go direct to the company's website, you'll find a permanent Emma mattress sale, and it's rare you'll see cheaper prices at a third party retailer like John Lewis. It's certainly worth shopping around for the cheapest prices in the Boxing Day and January sales before placing your order. If prices are the same, we'd recommend buying direct from Emma to make aftercare easier, and because things like the sleep trial and warranty are often better or at least clearer to understand. 

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