The best luxury memory foam mattresses around just got a MAJOR price cut in the John Lewis sale

Tempur mattress deal
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John Lewis has plenty of Boxing Day / January sales bargains right now, and amongst them are some major deals on Tempur mattresses. There are also some big discounts at, but generally prices are much cheaper if you buy from John Lewis direct.

These are widely considered to be some of the very best mattresses around, and especially if you're seeking a contouring, sink-in feel. Out reviewer awarded this brand a near-perfect 4.5* in our Tempur Hybrid Elite mattress review. The brand's own 'Tempur material' (essentially a high-end memory foam) is sumptuous and soothing, but it doesn't come cheap, which is why sales like this one are well worth taking advantage of. There's somewhere between 20% off and 35% off, which equates to a pretty big saving on these premium priced models. 

There are no single sizes on offer, but plenty of doubles, kings and super kings – and if you need another size, head over to Tempur (we've linked direct to each model so you can double check pricing, too).

Most are all-foam, but there's one hybrid model (with springs) included in the sale, and you can also choose between soft, medium and firm feels. The Supreme mattresses are cheaper, the Elites slightly more expensive. Cloud denotes a soft feel, sensation means firm. 

Because the John Lewis page is a little hard to navigate and understand, here's a quick look at all the best deals, and who we'd recommend them to:

Tempur Cloud Supreme mattress

The Tempur Cloud Supreme is a 21cm tall, soft mattress made from memory foam. A soft feel is great for lightweight people who lie on their sides, and who will benefit from the extra pressure relief. Expect a sink-in, contouring feel and no bounce.

This is the joint cheapest option on sale, along with the Sensation Supreme (directly below), which is a firm memory foam option. 

The Tempur Cloud Elite is also a soft memory foam mattress, and it's a little more expensive. 

Tempur Sensation Supreme mattress

Tempur Sensation Supreme is a 21cm tall, firm mattress made from memory foam. Firm mattresses are great for supporting back and stomach sleepers, as well as being the best choice for heavier bodies. 

This is the joint cheapest option is the John Lewis sale, along with the Cloud Supreme (directly above), which is a soft memory foam option.

Tempur Original Elite mattress

The Tempur Original Elite is a 25cm tall, medium feel mattress made from memory foam. It will have a contouring, slow moving feel – if you prefer a bit of bounce, opt for the hybrid below, which is the same price but adds a layer of springs. Medium mattresses are great for most side sleepers, and may also suit lightweight back or stomach sleepers. 

Tempur Hybrid Elite mattress

The Tempur Hybrid Elite is a 25cm tall, hybrid mattress with a medium feel. It's the only hybrid on sale at John Lewis in the Boxing Day / January sales, and the addition of a layer of coils helps boost breathability, meaning this model will likely sleep a little cooler than any all-foam model. Expect a touch of bounce, alongside the contouring pressure relief of the foam layers. If you don't want that bounce, you could go for the all-foam version above. A medium feel will suit side sleepers and light to average weight people. 

Tempur Cloud Elite mattress

The Tempur Cloud Elite is a 25cm tall, soft mattress made from memory foam. It will have a slow moving, contouring, sink in feel with no bounce. Expect excellent motion isolation (which is good news for those who share a bed) and great pressure relief. We'd usually only recommend soft mattresses to lightweight people who sleep on their sides.

If you're average or heavier in weight, try the Original Elite (medium feel) or even the Tempur Sensation Elite (firm). 

Tempur Sensation Elite mattress

The Tempur Sensation Elite is a 25cm tall, firm mattress made from memory foam. A firm feel is great for heavier bodies as well as back or stomach sleepers, who are in danger of their hips dropping too low into the mattress and leaving their spine unsupported on a softer mattress. There won't be any bounce, but expect light contouring and good motion isolation.

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