Flash sale! This hotel-style mattress is incredible value with 40% off

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DreamCloud's flagship mattress combines soothing memory foam with supportive springs, and is our top recommendation for those looking for a luxurious-feeling mattress on a lower budget. Right now, there's a flash sale that knocks 40% off all mattresses, matching the cheapest price we've ever seen on this model.

We rate the flagship DreamCloud model amongst the best mattresses around. In our DreamCloud mattress review, it performed well across the board, delivering excellent pressure relief, good temperature regulation, and strong motion isolation. The medium-firm feel will be a good fit for most side and back sleepers. 

Even without a flash sale it's excellent value for money. Like all of today's best hybrid mattresses, the design combines layers of different materials to give you the benefits of each. There's pressure relief from the memory foam, sturdy springs to boost breathability, and a quilted cashmere cover for a touch of that hotel-mattress luxury. The extras are very generous too: you've got a full year to try it out, and a forever warranty.

Here's a closer look at the deal, and who we'd recommend this mattress to:

$799 at DreamCloud

DreamCloud mattress

Queen size: was $1,332 now $799 at DreamCloud

Overview: The DreamCloud is a luxurious hybrid mattress that stands a chunky 14 inches tall. The design includes pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive innerspring coils, topped off with a quilted cashmere cover. It has a medium-firm feel (we rate 7.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness), which will suit a wide range of people and sleep styles.

Price history:
You'll never have to pay full price for the DreamCloud, but this offer is unusually good. The regular DreamCloud mattress sale knocks 25% off and will get you a queen size of the flagship model for $899. This offer knocks 40% off, which means the same model costs $799. This matches the cheapest price we've recorded on the DreamCloud mattress. This deal tends to crop up around sales events like Memorial Day, and is always worth snapping up.

Extras: The extras that come with the DreamCloud are outstanding. You'll get a full year's trial – enabling you to test the mattress out in all seasons before fully committing – and a forever warranty. These match the best on the market. 

Buy it if...

You're looking for luxury on a budget: The DreamCloud punches above its price tag, delivering a fairly luxurious feel for far less than other similarly designed hybrids. (We particularly like the touch of cashmere in the quilted cover).

You sleep on your side: We rate the DreamCloud amongst the best mattresses for side sleepers. Three layers of foam near the top surface provide ample cushioning and prevent pressure from building up in the shoulders and hips – something side sleepers should look to avoid if they don't want to wake up with new aches and pains.

You share a bed: The thick upper layers of foam do an outstanding job of absorbing movements on this bed's surface. That makes it a great choice for anyone who shares a bed, who doesn't want to be disturbed by their partner's movements. It's also something to look out for if you're a restless sleeper – a mattress with good motion isolation, like this one, can help you get a less disturbed night's sleep.

Don't buy it if...

 You want the best of the best: If you can stretch to a slightly pricier mattress, consider the Saatva Classic. This luxury hybrid is our overall top-rated model, and offers a step up from the DreamCloud in terms of luxury. The build quality is impeccable and you can pick from two heights and three firmness levels to suit your exact preferences. Right now there's up to $350 off the Classic. 

❌ You prefer something softer: There's only one firmness option here, and at 7.5 out of 10 the DreamCloud might be too firm for some people (lightweight side sleepers, should approach with caution, for example). If you want something softer, check out the Helix Midnight mattress. This model is a 5-6 out of 10 in terms of firmness, with a contouring memory foam top layer that does an outstanding job of relieving pressure. Right now, there's 20% off, which takes the price of a queen size down to $1,099 (that will likely increase to 25% off in the run-up to Black Friday, if you're not in a hurry, though).

❌ You're not fussed about springs: If you don't want the bounce of springs, you could save more by going for an all-foam model. We rate the Nectar mattress the best memory foam mattress, and it's from the same parent company as DreamCloud, which means you'll get the same great trial and warranty. The current deal knocks 33% off, getting you a queen size for $699 ($100 less than the DreamCloud).

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