Who needs Google Bard when you've got these 4 Google AI tools

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Google Bard is currently a hot topic in the chatbot AI market, as it continues to evolve and improve in order to supply users with far more accurate and relevant information. And while there are plenty of positives coming out of this initiative, it still doesn’t change the fact that these improvements are still rather narrow. If you’re not into AI chatbots and very basic Google search result enhancements, then it may not be so appealing.

But if you’re looking for AI advancements that can actually help with daily tasks, there are several AI tools outside of Bard that Google has been working on. Tools that you should be very excited about, as they have so much potential to truly improve and enrich people’s lives.

Google Lens can tell if you have a skin condition 

Google revealed a brand new function for its Google Lens, which allows it to identify what possible skin condition you may have, all with a single picture. Simply take a picture of the area of your skin you want to query using the Lens camera and upload it. After that, you’re shown various matches of what the condition could possibly be, accompanied by images.

It’s a great concept that could help users narrow down their condition from a wide variety of options, which can then better assist them when attempting to seek care from a medical professional. It’s such a great idea that, back in Google I/O 2021, Google revealed a similar health app called DermAssist, which was able to scan your skin in the same way. 

Get travel advice from Google AI 

Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) has already been getting plenty of upgrades since Google I/O 2023, with one being its ability to give you sound travel advice. Though websites like Reddit are far better for giving you excellent travel advice, Google has been boosting SGE’s ability to recommend anything from hotels in foreign cities to finding the best tourist attractions, restaurant recommendations, and more by pulling from both web-based information and user reviews on Google.

And what sets SGE from other sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and travel blogs is the ability to ask follow-up questions, giving you even more information about those same recommendations and letting you make informed decisions about your planned itinerary.

Google Maps is getting an AI upgrade 

Google Maps is getting several upgrades to its service as well, with three more tools that can help you plan for your summer vacation. The first is Glanceable directions which, instead of having to press start for detailed map directions, you can clearly see them in the preview screen, ideal for routes that you’re familiar with and for those who want to sightsee and go off the beaten path.

The second is Immersive View, rolling out to Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice as well as other locals to start. Immersive View utilizes AI to combine together images to create incredibly detailed 3D versions of that scenery or city which you can navigate through. Finally, Maps Recents is getting upgraded, as the sidebar that shows your recent Map searches will now retain those highlights even if you close your tab, making it easier to resume any research later on.

Google AI can help you shop for clothes 

Online shoppers aren’t getting left behind either, with new Google AI tools that will help you pick out the perfect outfit. The AI tool generates an outfit on a model that ranges from size XXS-4XL and in various skin colors using the Monk Skin Tone Scale. This allows you to find a model that roughly matches your size and skin tone, which helps you better determine how the clothes will look and fit.

Google found models with a wide range of skin tones and sizes, then applies diffusion to the pictures of the models and the outfits to create the final images. You can also apply filters to further customize and personalize your results, even refine them to see products across several retailers.

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