We asked DALL-E 2 to render the iPhone 15 and the results are too funny

DALL-E tech creations
A pixel art image of a phone, tablet, phone and controller made by DALL-E 2. (Image credit: DALL-E)

The AI image generator DALL-E 2 is finally available to everyone to use without needing to join the waitlist – so you can now just sign up and start making AI art.

By providing the AI with a text description of an image (which can be as generic as "a ginger cat", or as specific as "A pencil drawing of a galaxy that serves as a gateway to another universe") DALL-E 2 will create a picture. The results can be mixed, but by selecting the best image from the batch the AI has created you can guide it to make something that is more and more like what you envisioned.

However, art isn't our specialty here at TechRadar so we thought a much better use of DALL-E 2 was to ask it to show us what the best gadgets of 2023 will look like. Here are the results.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

Apple may have only just revealed the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro smartphones, but we want to see what next year's iPhone 15 might look like, so we turned to DALL-E to lend a hand.

As you can see below, DALL-E expects the biggest change is that Apple's new best iPhone will feature 4 rear cameras instead just 2. It's unclear what each lens will be for, but hopefully, the iPhone 15 will adopt the 14 Pro's impressive main wide-angle, ultrawide, and telephoto camera while also adding one more into the mix.

However we also wanted to know what the more premium iPhone 15 Pro is likely to look like, and DALL-E once again predicts it'll feature four cameras but in a bizarre new layout. To make room for larger (and hopefully higher megapixel) cameras, DALL-E shows us an iPhone 15 Pro with its lenses spread out across the top third of the phone. In addition, the two lights on the back suggest it'll have a decently powerful torch to help keep your images well-lit even at night.

If DALL-E is correct, Apple's 2023 will feature snappers that rival those offered by the new Motorola Edge 30 Ultra (which has a 200MP main camera). On the other hand, it's just an AI. So what does it know?

The Google Pixel 8

Still in the world of smartphones, we asked DALL-E to show us its render for the Google Pixel 8. This follow-up to the Google Pixel 7 that Google is set to unveil at its October 2022 event, will once again mix up the Android smartphone's camera layout but in an all-new way.

DALL-E has produced a Pixel that lacks the iconic rear camera bump that was introduced by the Google Pixel 6 and instead shows the cameras flush with the phone's surface – delivering a smartphone that is completely smooth.

However, one other factor you may not have noticed is that this three-camera array is featured on the front of Google's smartphone, rather than on the rear. While this design would enable some amazing selfies, we're worried that it would be quite distracting when you're trying to scroll through Twitter or watch a video on your phone.

In this instance, we expect that DALL-E's prediction is more than a little off.

DALL-E predicts the Google Pixel 8 with three front cameras

DALL-E predicts the Google Pixel 8 will have three front cameras (Image credit: DALL-E)

The best OLED TV of 2023

Tech is more than just smartphones, we wanted to know what the best OLED TV of 2023 would look like, and DALL-E delivered the impressive display you see below.

Called the TU20 it's unclear if this is a Sony, LG, Samsung, or another brand's OLED, but what is obvious is that the display promises to deliver bright colors and impressive dark contrast all in the same scene.

Though what's most interesting about DALL-E's design is that the TU20 features an ultra-wide screen, meaning that this 4K monitor will be able to deliver a 21:9 image instead of the 16:9 aspect ratio we're used to. Though unless cinematographers choose to adopt this new viewing format users of the TU70 may be stuck with large black bars on each side of the screen as the shows and films they watch won't fill the TV's space.

We think DALL-E 2 needs to read up a bit more on TV technology.

DALL-E tech creations

DALL-E's TU20 4K OLED display, with an ultra-wide aspect ratio (Image credit: DALL-E)

The best Netflix show of 2023

What's the use of having a great TV like the TU20 if you don't have anything to watch on it? Thankfully, DALL-E has us covered with what it believes will be the best Netflix show of 2023: Niol'l.

We can't make out the rest of the text, but the image's hot pink background and blonde protagonist give us the impression that Niol'l will be a Legally Blonde-esque subversion of the Rom-Com genre. Resse Witherspoon probably already owns the rights.

DALL-E tech creations

(Image credit: DALL-E)

The best wireless earbuds of 2023

Next up, we have DALL-E 2's render for the best wireless earbuds of 2023, and these might be the best-looking gadget so far.

The actual part of the buds that go in your ear (seen on the left of the image below) does seem a little crooked, but we're hoping this uncomfortable-looking design actually helps them sit more securely in your ear – perhaps also making these earbuds perfect for wearing while you run.

Where DALL-E's earbuds really win style points though is their case, which gives each bud its own illuminated pod. It gives the whole thing a very cool sci-fi vibe.

Unfortunately, we don't know what the audio quality is like, but from looks alone, we'd happily pick up a pair of these buds over something like the Sony WF-1000XM4s.

DALL-E tech creations

(Image credit: DALL-E)

The Oculus Quest 3

Meta hasn't yet revealed if it's working on the Oculus Quest 3, but given the huge success of the Oculus Quest 2 (and its promise to make a budget-friendly headset after Project Cambria), it seems more than likely.

However, DALL-E clearly isn't convinced.

When asked to create a render for the Oculus Quest 3, the AI produced a black, near-featureless design with one word on the front panel "Quiters". Forgiving DALL-E's spelling (and inability to finish off its U), this design suggests that DALL-E thinks Meta will quit its Oculus Quest 3 plans entirely.

It's unclear if that's because Meta chooses to focus on its premium line of VR headsets, or if its whole VR venture will follow the cancellations we've seen this year, but the result is the same either way. 

DALL-E tech creations

(Image credit: DALL-E)

Analysis: Watch out for fake renders

As AI art tools improve and become increasingly accessible to the general public we'll likely see a flood of computer-generated creations appear online.

Most of the examples above are clearly fake gadgets (be it because of the clearly bad design choices, or logos and text appearing as smudged and illegible). But in 2023 and beyond we will likely start to see these fake renders look more and more real until they're indistinguishable from a photo of a real piece of tech.

We've always recommended that leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, but that advice will become especially useful in the coming years. Just because an image looks real doesn't mean it isn't just a well-made fake, and with tools like DALL-E 2 more people than ever can have a go at tricking everyone.

DALL-E 2's artistic skills are making some artists sad.

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