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Samsung Galaxy's 10th anniversary comes with Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 deals

Image Credit: TechRadar

Samsung is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Galaxy family of smartphones, and that means deals on the Galaxy S10 line and Galaxy Note 9. There are trade-in discounts, freebies with new phones, and even offers of YouTube Premium.

The Galaxy family of smartphones launched on June 29, 2009 with the Samsung Galaxy i7500 (yes, we're so old we reviewed at TechRadar), while the first S phone came one year later (we reviewed the Galaxy S, too). And, in the ten years since that original launch, Samsung has turned the phones into premium devices with some of the best designs, features, and specs around. They frequently rank among the best smartphones.

And, there have been no shortage of great deals on the smartphones.

The highlight deal for Samsung's Galaxy 10th anniversary is the inclusion of a one-year subscription to YouTube Premium and a free pair of Galaxy Buds. These freebies are available with the purchase of any Galaxy S10 model (though the new Galaxy S10 5G only comes with YouTube Premium) or a Galaxy Note 9 from While the YouTube Premium deal appears set to stick around for the rest of the month, the free pair of Galaxy Buds is only available for orders made by June 8.

We've found the Galaxy Buds to be comfortable, stylish, and easy to use. And, since they retail for $149, getting them free is a nice deal. YouTube Premium also would normally cost $144 for a year.

It should be no surprise that the deals don't end there. Samsung also has a trade-in deal that can help lower the upfront cost dramatically. The company is offering up to $450 off a new Galaxy smartphone with a trade-in. The only phone that can earn that full value is the iPhone XS Max, but other recent flagship phones are worth $200 to $300 dollars in trade-in value.

Topping it all off, Samsung has a $100 discount currently on 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB  unlocked Galaxy S10 models. And, its phones are available on installment plans similar to what mobile carriers offer.