Labor Day laptop sales 2022: the best deals from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more

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Great news, bargain hunters! This year's Labor Day laptop sales are now in full swing, and below, we've rounded up the very best discounts on offer from the likes of Best Buy, Walmart, Dell, and HP.

We'd already seen a few great laptop deals filter through in the days leading up to the annual sales event, but the biggest bargains almost always tend go live on Labor Day itself (Monday, September 5 this year). We'll be regularly updating this page in the coming hours, so bookmark it to stay abreast of the day's best savings. 

Traditionally, Labor Day sales get associated with end-of-summer sales in appliances and grills – but that's really short-selling the event as a whole. Labor Day laptop sales are generally fantastic, and easily the best time this side of Black Friday in November to pick up a bargain on a new laptop. They also neatly slot into the wider 'back to school' period, so it's an opportune time to pick up a cheap laptop before you or yours head off to college.

Our top picks so far? Definitely the Dell XPS 13 for $849 (down from $999) (opens in new tab) over at the official Dell site, or the Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1 for $949 (was $1,299) (opens in new tab). Both devices have previously featured in our pick of the best laptops in 2022, so either deal represents a headline-worthy bargain. 

This week's best Labor Day laptop sales

This week's best Labor Day laptop deals

Dell XPS 13: $999.99 (opens in new tab)

Dell XPS 13: $999.99 $849.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Editor's pick -
The Dell XPS 13 has always been one of our favorites here at TechRadar and a staple on our best laptops buyer's guide for a few years now. This particular listing is on the latest model and it's easily one of the cheapest prices we've seen yet. Not only do you get the most recent design here (with the gorgeous bezel-less display), but you're getting a super up-to-date Intel Core i5-1230U processor and a 512GB SSD. Superb value.

Lenovo Chromebook 3: $139 (opens in new tab)

Lenovo Chromebook 3: $139 $79 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $50
– Laptops don't get much cheaper than the current offer on this basic but efficient Lenovo Chromebook 3. It's now back down to its lowest price ever at Best Buy, making it a great back-to-school buy if you need a simple and portable laptop for light use on a tight budget.

$249 (opens in new tab)

Acer Chromebook 315: $249 $129 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $120 -
This Acer Chromebook might just be the ultimate back to school device if you're looking for something to handle the basics. With an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage, this one won't win any prizes for power but at this price it doesn't need to. It's intended for light browsing, word processing, and answering emails - all of which it'll do well enough for the budget. 

HP Chromebook 11a: $259.99 (opens in new tab)

HP Chromebook 11a: $259.99 $179.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $80
– Here's our budget pick from the HP Labor Day sale. This 11-inch Chromebook is a basic device but a smart buy if you just need a cheap laptop for school work or the odd bit of browsing and admin work. Because it uses the less-demanding Chrome OS, it's able to perform better with basic components and offers a significant battery life of around 15 hours.

HP 14t: $549.99 (opens in new tab)

HP 14t: $549.99 $399.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $150
– If you'd prefer a more budget-friendly Windows device that's not as basic as the Chromebook above, then this is a solid price for an entry-level laptop in the HP Labor Day sale. This one comes with 8GB of RAM when most cheaper options only include 4GB, so it will still maintain a decent level of performance during general use, light work, media streaming and more.

Dell Inspiron 3515: $549.99 (opens in new tab)

Dell Inspiron 3515: $549.99 $399.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $150
– This is an excellent price for a mid-range laptop from Dell. It offers solid performance for your everyday computing needs as well as work and media streaming thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Storage is a little on the small side at 256GB, but that's enough for essential files and programs with a bit of backup from the cloud.

HP Pavilion 15t: $899.99 (opens in new tab)

HP Pavilion 15t: $899.99 $499.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $400
– In terms of money off, this is the best laptop deal in the HP Labor Day sale. It's a solid all-around device for your everyday computing needs, work and media streaming thanks to the mid-range Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Plus, there's loads of fast storage with the 512GB SSD - an excellent inclusion at this price. It sports a slim, light and portable design too, which is great for those always on the go.

HP 15t: $799.99 (opens in new tab)

HP 15t: $799.99 $569.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $230
– If you can part with an extra $70 we'd definitely recommend upgrading to this slightly older but more powerful HP 15t laptop. The improvements are tremendous for the relatively small jump in price, including a bump to a faster Intel i7 processor and a performance-boosting 16GB of RAM. Storage is a little smaller at 256GB, but that's still enough for essential files and applications with backup from the cloud.

HP Pavilion x360 (14-inch): $829.99 (opens in new tab)

HP Pavilion x360 (14-inch): $829.99 $529.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $300
– This HP Pavilion x360 offers some fantastic bang for your buck following a $300 saving. It's a terrific value-for-money all-around laptop that also gives you the flexibility of a tablet mode with its 14-inch touchscreen. Components are good, too, with an Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a large 512GB SSD. Overall, it's a powerful and versatile laptop for the price that will handle work, multi-tasking, browsing, media streaming and more.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5: $889.99 (opens in new tab)

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5: $889.99 $619.99 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)
Save $270
- The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 offers strong performance thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. It's well-suited for working on the move or from home and is more than capable of multitasking. Its 14-inch touchscreen can be rotated in a series of different modes so it's ideal for sketching, giving presentations, or streaming media. A fingerprint reader is a nice touch for the security conscious.

Lenovo ThinkPad 14 Gen 4: $1,494 (opens in new tab)

Lenovo ThinkPad 14 Gen 4: $1,494 $896.40 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)
Save $597.60
- With the latest Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD, the Lenovo ThinkPad 14 Gen 4 is well-made for the business user who needs to multitask often. It also has a 1080p full HD webcam for video calls, while its 14-inch full HD screen is also touch-enabled so you can be more tactile with your work.

Apple MacBook Air M1 (2020, 256GB): $999 (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Air M1 (2020, 256GB): $999 $899 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $100 -
You can save an additional $50 at checkout with today's Labor Day deals on the MacBook Air M1 at Amazon - a deal that's just $50 more than the record low. While a bit older now, we still think this model holds up for 2022 thanks to its fantastic performance and timeless design. It's also still got one of the best battery lives you'll find on any device, with all-day performance that most Windows-based rivals can't match.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1: $1,299 (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1: $1,299 $949.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $350 -
Sure, it's an older model now but the Apple MacBook Pro M1 is still an amazing ultrabook for those who need power and access to the suite of excellent MacOS software. For design work, programming, and music production in particular these machines are fantastic and today's price at Best Buy is a match for the cheapest we've ever seen on this model. Compared to the latest releases, it's exceptional value we'd say.

Asus TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop: $1,299 (opens in new tab)

Asus TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop: $1,299 $999.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $300 -
The best mid-range gaming laptop deal on sale is this Asus TUF Dash F15. It's a little on the pricey side for a laptop with an RTX 3060, but an Intel Core i7-12650H processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD ensure you're getting up-to-date specs. With its lightweight and super-slim build, this machine are also a great option if you value portability.

Apple MacBook Air M2 (2022, 256GB): $1,199 (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Air M2 (2022, 256GB): $1,199 $1,099 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $100 -
We may have previously questioned the Apple MacBook Air M2's value in our review - mainly because the cheaper M1 model is still great - but today's Labor Day deal at Amazon is worth checking out.  It's still pricey, but this is the first big discount on the model and a new record-low to boot. If you're looking for a premium ultrabook with incredible performance, battery life, and a quality display, there's not much that can challenge the latest MacBook Air - aside from the MacBook Pro models, that is.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10: $2,909 (opens in new tab)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10: $2,909 $1,499 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)
Save $1,410
– The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen 10 is up there with the very best laptops money can buy right now with its superb (lightweight) build quality, long-lasting battery life, and unbeatable keyboard. While pricey, it's one of Lenovo's very best laptops with its 12th gen Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB SSD.

Labor Day laptop sales: FAQ

Is Labor Day a good time to buy a laptop?

Yes - the Labor Day laptop sales are a fantastic time to pick up a cheap laptop or two since nearly every big online retailer takes part. 

In the past, the event's generally been associated with 'end-of-summer' sales but in recent years it's tended to be a lot more online-focused. It also coincides with the larger 'Back to school' period, of which laptops are a major component.

Labor Day also happens to be the last big sales event of the year before the more well-known Black Friday and Cyber Monday events roll around in late November. If you're not looking to wait that long, then Labor Day laptop sales are definitely going to be worth considering.

Who has the best Labor Day laptop sales?

Amazon - excellent for sales on Apple MacBooks, plus Acer, Asus, Lenovo (opens in new tab)
Best Buy - great cheap Chromebooks and gaming laptop deals (opens in new tab)
Walmart - exclusive Gateway mid-range machines and cheap Chromebooks (opens in new tab)
Dell - XPS 13 sales, plus exceptional mid-range machines for work (opens in new tab)
HP - inexpensive touch-screen laptops, Chromebooks, mid-range laptops (opens in new tab)
Lenovo - ThinkPad business laptops, plus great Chromebook options (opens in new tab)

The best online retailers for Labor Day laptop sales are Dell, HP, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, although the best one is going to depend heavily on what you're looking for exactly.

If you're strictly on a budget, then Best Buy and Walmart will have great sales on cheap Chromebooks and Windows laptops to consider in the $150 to $300 range. These are going to be perfect if you're looking for a machine for schoolwork or browser-based basics.

For those looking to spend a bit more, then Dell and HP offer really great own-brand mid-range workhorse laptops sold directly through their sites. Both brands also have excellent premium Windows laptops like the Dell XPS and HP Spectre, which often see big price cuts over sales events like Labor Day. 

Finally, if you're looking for Apple MacBook sales, then Amazon is probably going to be your destination for Labor Day laptop deals. This retailer has been offering the lowest prices all year round on the latest M1 machines and hopefully we'll see some particularly good discounts on Labor Day.

Labor Day laptop sales: buyers tips

First thing's first, we'd recommend setting yourself an upper limit for your budget right off the bat before considering any Labor Day laptop sales. If you're looking for a machine for simply the basics like schoolwork or browser tasks, then a Chromebook or basics Windows laptop of around $300 should suffice. For more intensive applications like everyday work use, we'd recommend bumping that budget up to around $550 for a machine with the latest 11th gen Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5-5000 series processors. For niche power-uses like design work, music production, or gaming, then you'll absolutely benefit from bumping that budget all the way up to around $1,000. Gaming laptops especially benefit from spending a bit more to secure those speedy RTX 3000 series graphics cards.

One other tip we have is to watch out for clearance on older machines. Amazon and Walmart in particular are full of third-party sellers trying to clear out old laptops featuring components that are several generations old. While many of these laptops can get the job done, as a rule of thumb we'd recommend going for the latest components if possible as you'll get better mileage in the long run. 

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