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Panasonic finally gives up on heritage

Panasonic. And only Panasonic. Forever and ever.
Panasonic. And only Panasonic. Forever and ever.

Like a burned out superhero, Panasonic has decided that it has lived for too long with a dual-identity and has finally ditched the name of its founder, Matsushita.

On the 90th anniversary of the founding of the company, Panasonic has decided that all its products will now come together under the one brand name.

The Panasonic Corporation president Fumio Ohtsubo tearfully (well, not really - maybe he was crying inside) told journalists at CEATEC that the end was finally nigh for Matsushita.

One brand

"Starting from today, Panasonic will concentrate all of its employees' efforts into one name, " said Ohtsubo. "That is Panasonic. Therefore their collective wisdom will be much easier [to cultivate] compared to the past. One brand, one corporate name, will bring more merit to our corporate management."

This means all products, white goods and AV alike, will be branded Panasonic, and will help propel the brand further up the top global brands chart.

Ohtsubo also announced that in the future Panasonic will be continuing with efforts to become more environmentally friendly, and to develop more products designed for digital networks, in a similar pledge to its competitor Sony.