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Panasonic: We ARE working on a big OLED TV

Panasonic: We ARE working on a big OLED TV
Panasonic - overshadowed by rivals?

Panasonic is developing its own OLED television to rival the ones shown by rivals LG and Samsung, with the TV giant admitting it did not have one ready to show off just yet.

In what is likely to be seen as a failing for Panasonic, it found its impressive new television ranges overshadowed by the 55-inch OLED screens touted by LG and Samsung.

Japanese rival Sony did not show off an OLED, but instead produced its own Crystal LED screen tech.

In development

When asked about the next-gen technologies, president Fumio Ohtsubo insisted that an OLED screen would be going on sale at a similar time to the Korean manufacturers' offerings.

"Unfortunately we weren't able to show one at the show this time, but we are certainly developing it," he told reporters at a briefing in Las Vegas.

"I can't say exactly when, but if Samsung and LG put theirs out this year we will try and make sure we are not too late."

Of course, OLED televisions will remain expensive for the time being, although the race to compete may well see prices shorn down to the point where the technology becomes attainable for consumers prepared to fork out for premium products.

From Reuters