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Canon expands Project 1709 beta for Mac users

Canon expands Project 1709 beta for Mac users
The cloud is coming for your Apple

Last week we heard rumours of a pending update to Canon's Project 1709 photo management platform.

Today Canon has made good and formally announced this long-awaited update.

The release of the Project 1709 Mac upload tool brings the full complement of three upload options on Canon's Project 1709 platform to Apple users.

In addition to this desktop upload tool, you can also make selective uploads via the Project 1709 website or choose to import your Facebook and Flickr photo collections.

However, the desktop uploader - already available for PC users - offers the most direct and efficient way to add your pictures in bulk.

Use it wisely

Compatible with Mac systems running OS X 10.7 Lion and above, the uploader app first needs to be installed on your system and then configured to sync with one or more folders containing pictures on your computer.

Next, pick your favourite network, set the monthly upload limit and nominate the day that you want uploads to begin on. The new upload tool will then operate in the background, and you can check its progress from your system tray.

Step-by-step information on how to use the new Mac uploader is available here.