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Canon unveils low-light loving IXUS HS 300 compact camera

Canon's new and improved IXUS range
Canon's new and improved IXUS range

Canon has revealed the latest addition to its luxury compact range – the IXUS HS 300.

Offering a number of features usually found in DSLRs, the 10MP shooter allows you to shoot with an ISO of 3200 in full quality and 6400, if you don't mind a reduction in megapixel quality to 2.5MB.

As well as low-light shooting it can handle super slow motion filming, with a 240fps mode. If you want to snap stills shots in quick succession you can do that at 3.7 shot a second in full quality and 8.4 shots at 2.5MP – which is fairly impressive.

HD winking

Other features include 720p HD shooting – which now seems to be the norm for compact cameras – and the odd ability to control your camera with the power of a wink. Calm down people, we said wink.

As well as wink, there is also smile shutter available.

The Canon IXUS HS 300 has a UK release date of May and will cost you £379.

If you don't fancy getting the camera in the rather traditional silver and black, it will also be available in white at Jessops and red at John Lewis – who have both bagged a bit of coloured exclusivity.