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You can take 3D pics with this affordable smartphone add-on


While 3D scanners have so far been on the more expensive end of the scale, Canadian company Matter and Form has developed a new 3D camera for your smartphone that will retail for $49 (about £31.38/AUD$66.64).

The Bevel is currently on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $200,000, with the company saying it is the "world's first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet."

"Other 3D attachments create the illusion of 3D by enhancing the depth of an image, but fail to capture a file that you can actually use."

Photos captured by the Bevel attachment, which works on both Android and iOS devices, can be used for 3D printing.

It plugs into your device's headphone jack, and using an 'eye safe laser' along with your device's camera, it scans whatever you want, whether it be someones face or an object.

The Bevel hasn't reached its funning goal yet, but it has managed to raise almost $170,000 in its first week on Kickstarter.

If the Bevel gets funded successfully, the Matter and Form expects to begin shipping it out starting December.

Via Techcrunch