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TechRadar mobile site launches

TechRadar mobile site launches
TechRadar, now mobile friendly

We at TechRadar are all about mobile – you can see that from our fantastically in-depth reviews – so we have made the site even easier to read on a mobile phone.

Now, when you visit TechRadar from a mobile device you will be transported to a brilliant new mobile-optimised version of the site.

It contains all the TechRadar articles you know and love but they are now in a vastly improved scrollable format.

TechRadar on the go

There's are also 'easy to flick through' sections on the mobile version of the site, which makes navigation of TechRadar that little bit smoother and should help you while away the daily commute.

If you are a fan of browsing the full-fat version of TechRadar, then we have also added a handy 'go to classic version' button at the bottom of the mobile site.

But we are confident you won't want to do that, so take a look at it yourself by going to

If you are reading this on a mobile, then you should already be browsing the new mobile-friendly version of the site. This paragraph is of no use to you... un-read it now.