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RIM puts money where mouth is with guaranteed app revenue

RIM puts money where its mouth is with app revenue promise
Will RIM's gamble pay off?

In an attempt to deliver quality applications for its BlackBerry mobile platform, Research in Motion is offering a revenue guarantee to its developers.

RIM is promising every qualifying application, submitted to App World before BB10 launches, $10,000 (around £6,100) in revenue in its first year on the market.

Talking about application investment at BlackBerry World 2012, Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations for RIM said: "We strongly believe that quality matters, not just quantity, so today I am happy to announce we are making a massive investment in quality, subject to some terms and conditions."


Developers need to earn the BlackBerry Quality Certification and have previously generated at least $1,000 (around £600) under their own steam in the App World to qualify for the revenue guarantee.

If a qualifying app does not reach $10,000 of revenue in its first year, RIM will write the developer a cheque for the difference.

In a further commitment to its developers and the BlackBerry ecosystem, Saunders also announced that RIM is set to invest $100 million (around £61 million) into the system over the coming year.