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Average Joe sends 1,213 texts per year

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UK phone users are addicted to texts

We all know how popular texting is in the UK, but it's something of a surprise to see the latest data showing that SMS fever is continuing to tighten its grip on the populace.

Statistics from the Mobile Data Association (MDA) show that UK phone owners sent 78.9 billion text messages in 2008 – that's more than 20 billion up on 2007.

Words and pictures

Broken down, the number works out at a staggering 216 million messages every single day. For comparison, the UK's population is currently close to 60 million and the MDA says the average person sent 1,213 texts over the year.

The most popular day for texting each other appears to have been 31 December, when almost 400 million SMSs conveyed New Year greetings across the ether.

Happily for networks keen to drive up usage of the more lucrative MMS, that medium showed similar growth last year, with 553 million picture messages sent. That's 23 per cent up on 2007.