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Kelkoo goes mobile

Kelkoo's mobile service
Kelkoo's mobile service

Kelkoo, the online search comparison site, has launched a mobile version of its service.

This means those shopping will be able to work out whether they are getting the best deals on the fly, with Kelkoo claiming it can save them over 15 per cent for many purchases.

The company is one of the first to offer the service, and aims to take internet shopping away from the desktop.

Make-up on the move

Apparently, although larger goods such as TVs and cars are being searched for on the desktop, those out and about are looking for price comparisons on smaller items such as cosmetics and clothes.

This surely begs the question of whether people can be bothered at these low prices; a quick discussion here at TechRadar showed we all agreed once you're out, and the item is there in front of you, the temptation to buy is often too much.

"Kelkoo Mobile has been specially optimised and re-shaped to fit the screens of even the smallest handset," says Bruce Fair, MD of Kelkoo.

"More and more people are regularly browsing the web from their mobiles and it is important that they can get fast and easy access to the sites they rely on when surfing the web from their mobile."