Original iPad prices slashed, yours for just £329

The original iPad's days seem to be numbered
The original iPad's days seem to be numbered

Now that it's all about the slim and delicious iPad 2, the original iPad has received a hefty price cut in order to clear stock.

Like the beloved house pet mercilessly cast aside after the birth of a new baby, Apple is in the process of batting the original iPad out of the way to make way for the incoming iPad 2, before it finally gets the message and slinks off to Pet Rescue for good.

Here in the UK, Apple has reduced the 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi to the bargain price of £329 when bought directly from the technology giants – that's the best part of £100 cheaper than it was yesterday.

Update: Save yourself a further £40 by snapping up a refurbished iPad for £289. £289!

Cheap as chips - gold-plated chips, that is

You can also pick up the 32GB and 64GB models for a song, at £399 and £479 respectively.

On the 3G side of things, the prices range from £429 for the 16GB model to £579 for the 64GB behemoth, but of course you're also looking at an additional data plan for the 3G service, too.

If you're hoping to snap up an iPad bargain, you'd be wise to get a wriggle on as there's no guarantee that Apple will replenish stock once the iPad 2 comes out on 25 March.