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Nikon unleashes new Coolpix range

Nikon has announced the introduction of four new 'stylish' compact cameras to its Coolpix range, the S610, S610c, S710 and S560.

The four cameras, according to Nikon, offer "something for everyone". The S610 and S610c are 10MP models and boast ultra-fast start-up times.

Both cameras come with LAN capabilities and offer features such as portrait, landscape, night setting and close up scene modes; and Active Child Mode (what?); and a Smile mode (hmm).

The cameras are also WPS compliant, so connecting to Wi-Fi routers shouldn't be a problem. Screen-wise, the cameras are blessed with a large 3-inch TFT monitor.

Mega megapixels

The S710 follows the trend of compact cameras packing in as many pixels as possible into their shots. The camera houses a 14.5 megapixel sensor, 3.6x optical zoom and four anti-blur features.

Lastly, the S560 houses a more respectable 10MP, a 5x Nikkor zoom lens and a fairly large 2.7in TFT monitor.

The camera also houses a Smile mode and can detect faces. So, even if you have you eyes shut, images should look great.

The camera also comes in three colours: Warm Silver, Sakura Pink and Black.

All the cameras listed above are out in September, ranging from £179.99 to £249.99.