Panasonic may or may not quit plasma production next year

No one really knows

Insider sources have reportedly been squealing that Panasonic will stop making plasma TVs next year, but Panasonic disagrees.

"Nothing has been decided yet," a spokesperson for Panasonic said - which isn't a straight-up denial but isn't a confirmation either.

Both Reuters and Nikkei Business Daily claim that Panasonic will sell its plasma TV division off next year after closing its factory and halting production.


It's not a hard rumour to believe given than the company's plasma business has tanked, losing over 700 billion yen for two years running. That's about £4.5bn, $7.2bn and AU$7.6bn.

But Panasonic told us just six months ago that plasma is "still the best technology" for certain elements of home cinema, particularly sports and movies, so panning plasma is by no means a done deal.

Basically, no one really knows what Panasonic will do at this point. Not even Panasonic.


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