Panasonic brings forth 4K 20" Windows 8 tablet, 56" 4K OLED TV

Stylus pen needed

Panasonic used its CES kick off keynote to do something different - the company announced a monster 20-inch Windows 8 tablet.

OK, that's not all - the tablet also has 4K resolution, taking the 4K world to a new stratosphere.

Pana also unveiled a 56-inch, 4K OLED TV during the address, showing that all its product announcements weren't saved for yesterday.

The company used its press conference yesterday to announce the My Home Screen feature and a new line of 2013 Viera HDTVs.

4K oh hey

According to a company press release, the 4K tablet uses Anoto technology to input digital writing on tablets and screens.

The tech creates a "live digital surface," but as long as we're able to tap and write accurately, we'll be happy.

We'll get a chance to go hands on with this tablet on the show floor, so stay tuned for extra details as they come in.

Via USA Today


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