The best iPad Air 2 deals in August 2016

Get your hands on the best tablet on the planet

iPad Air 2 deals and prices

Apple's iPad Air 2 is by some distance the best tablet on the planet, and on this page we're going to help you find one at the right price, whether it be a standalone iPad Air 2 wi-fi or an iPad Air 2 4G on contract.

Either way, this is a device that anyone using a tablet from 2012 or earlier should be thinking very strongly about upgrading to - it's that good.

The combination of lots more power compared to the original iPad Air, a far better screen, improved design and an upgraded OS make it the only real option for anyone who wants to buy a serious tablet - and that's before getting into the fact the tablet app ecosystem is so much stronger than on Android.

And the iPad Air 2 is even better now that iOS 8 is capable of scaling apps so seamlessly - the days of low-res iPhone apps are gone. It's another hammer blow to the Google tablet market, although you can still be fully confident that's going to catch up in quality soon.

ipad air 2 deals prices

Key iPad Air 2 specs:

OS: iOS 8.3 | Screen size: 9.7-inch | Resolution: 1536 x 2048 | Memory: 2GB | Storage: 16/64/128GB | Battery: 2703mAh (10 hours) | Rear camera: 8MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

+ Superbly powerful | + Lovely screen | - No volume silencer | - 16GB option not enough

Today's best iPad Air 2 deals and prices: