You can get an Xbox One S and FIFA 17 for under £200

With its smaller size, 2TB hard drive, Ultra HD Blu Ray player, and HDR gaming support, the Xbox One S console was always going to be an attractive prospect for anyone looking to invest in a new console.

The only thing that might have given anyone pause was its £349 launch price.

Now, though, the first Xbox One S bundles are starting to drop and, oh boy, are there some good deals to be had.

Tesco is the real MVP

The bundles don't feature the 2TB hard drive of the standalone console but if you can stand dropping to 1TB or even 500GB you could get a serious bargain.

As ever retailers are trying to outdo each other when it comes to offering the best deal – we've already rounded up the best of the bunch so you don't have to.

Right now, though, Tesco is edging out in the lead thanks to a limited time eCoupon that's giving its customers £25 off a £150 spend.

With Tesco's TDX-HTNK coupon, you could nab yourself a 500GB Xbox One S with the brand new FIFA 17 for just £199. Considering it was expected that the 500GB Xbox One S console on its own would be around £249, you're basically getting the £37 FIFA for free, plus a further discount on top.

If a 500GB console is just too basic for you, the 1TB version of this same bundle at Tesco is still an absolute steal at £274.

Tesco's TDX-HTNK eCoupon isn't going to last forever so if you've been thinking about a new console, now is looking like a pretty good time to take a shot.