Xbox One pre-order guide: Prices, game bundles and where you can get it

Xbox One pre-orders are a little easier than the PS4

Xbox One pre order guide

Microsoft got off to a rough start when announcing its next-generation console, but pre-orders for Xbox One are still sold out at certain stores well ahead of its Nov. 22 release date.

It's almost as if every time the company reverses one of its unpopular policies, another major retailer runs out of Xbox One launch-day bundles.

That's good news for Microsoft, especially because this system is $100 more expensive than its primary rival, Sony's PS4, which is set to debut on a week in advance on Nov. 15.

Gamers who believe in what Microsoft is doing with the Kinect-included console should find Xbox One in stock before its finally released to the public, but to ease some of your searching woes we've gathered all the Xbox One pre-order info you need right here.

Read on and start ordering, though note information is subject to change as quickly as Microsoft's policies. We'll keep updating this guide so you know just where to go for your next-gen Xbox .

Best Buy: midnight store openings

Best Buy is once again offering Xbox One pre-orders on its website, including the extremely tempting bundle that includes the next-generation version of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The standalone Xbox One Day One Edition costs $499.99, giving you the console, Kinect and a controller.

The Call of Duty-included bundle is also branded a Day One Edition console and comes with CoD Ghosts, an extra "commemorative" controller, and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live. But you'll have to pay a whopping $679.96 for the whole shebang.

The other way to get an Xbox One from Best Buy is to wait in line. The retailer is promising to roll out the red carpet for the Xbox One with midnight store openings on Nov. 22. Best Buy was so committed, it even planned to do this before the Xbox One launch date was known.

We should note that that's 12:01 am on Nov. 22, so get in line on Nov. 21 unless you plan on showing up to empty shelves and being Xbox green with envy of everyone who set the right alarm.

Walmart and its Xbox One bundle flexibility

Walmart is currently out of Xbox One consoles online, but the retail giant was accepting pre-orders for a few red cents less than its competitors, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

Xbox One pre order guide
Wall-to-Walmart pre-order options

The console itself is still being sold for $499.96, but this system-sans-games is only available as an in-store pre-order, according to the retailer. Putting down 10 percent in person is required.

Walmart's flexible, but now-out-of-stock "Solution Bundle" brought the total to $617.96. It came with a game (from a choice of 21 titles) and an extra controller for that hefty price.

Amazon is still setting the 'Standard'

Amazon is one of two major retailers that had Xbox One Day One Edition console pre-orders available and sold through them in a flash. The system retailed for $499.96 before taxes back in June.

The online store is still selling the "Standard" non-commemorative version of the console for the same price, but the listing notes that "This item will be released on Dec. 31, 2013."

Xbox One pre order guide
Amazon still has 'standard' edition consoles available

This placeholder date means that the "shipping date is based on availability," according to the online retailer.

"This product is not guaranteed at release date of November 22, 2013 due to high demand."

GameStop put the 'stop' in pre-orders

GameStop is the other store straight up out of Xbox One - it's not even taking pre-orders for the standard non-Day One version of the game console.

Instead, the retailer is directing customers who are holding out for additional pre-orders for launch day to sign up for email alerts under the banner of its "Xbox One First to Know List."

However, it notes that "Joining the list is not a reservation, nor does it guarantee you an Xbox One on a specific date or at a certain price."