5 reasons why you should consider a VPN for your Netflix watching

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A VPN is a valuable tool that encrypts your internet data and keeps your IP address hidden. So what does that have to do with Netflix?

Well, as a result of these useful functions, VPNs have become increasingly popular among fans of streaming - including many Netflix subscribers - as they offer solutions to common restrictions, such as geo-blocked content and bandwidth throttling.

That means getting a Netflix VPN can therefore really improve your streaming experience. In this article, we discuss some standout benefits that a VPN can bring to your Netflix membership. 


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1.  Access geo-blocked content

Let's face it...of the five reasons in this article, the fact that VPNs can get around geo-blocking is clearly the biggy.

That's because it’s an unavoidable fact that not all of Netflix’s content is equally distributed across the world. This might mean, for example, that you can’t watch your favorite TV show while abroad. Equally, some overseas content won’t be accessible at home.

Thankfully, a top-quality Netflix VPN such as ExpressVPN enables you to reliably sidestep these restrictions. It achieves this by diverting your internet traffic to one of its remote servers in an authorized location by means of an encrypted tunnel. In essence, this disguises your real IP address and convinces Netflix that you’re watching the selected content from an approved region.

What’s more, a decent streaming VPN will come with several server locations, meaning you can dependably bypass restrictions and enjoy fast connection speeds no matter where you’re streaming from.

Now you do have to be aware that using a VPN with Netflix is smack-bang in contravention of the platform's Ts&Cs. Theoretically, it could ban you if it finds out what you're up to. But in truth, we've never heard about anybody getting booted from Netflix for this reason.

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2. Watch Friends, Rick and Morty and more on Netflix in the US

This is very much an extension of reason 1 above, but it bears a little more discussion.

Some of the most popular shows around appear on Netflix...just not in the US. Go ahead and try to watch Friends, Rick and Morty, Mad Men, Twin Peaks or Doctor Who when you're Stateside and we're afraid you'll only be pointed towards suggested alternatives. To rub things in, Netflix subscribers out in other countries are able to stream that content.

It works both ways, of course. Some shows are exclusive only in the US. At the time of writing, movie classics like My Fair Lady, The Blair Witch Project, Rain Man, Casino Royale and Bonnie and Clyde can be streamed on US Netflix, but nowhere else.

3. Safely stream on public Wi-Fi

Maybe you’re taking a lunch break in a café, traveling by train over a long distance, or waiting in an airport, and want to use the free public Wi-Fi hotspot to catch up on the best Netflix shows.

As public Wi-Fi is often unsecured, it can attract the likes of hackers and snoopers who might wish to target you and steal sensitive data. Therefore, using a secure VPN is strongly recommended, as it will keep your internet data protected and private with encryption.

Although Netflix’s security infrastructure is of a high quality (its website is secured with a HTTPS extension), it’s still wise to add a second layer of VPN protection. Ultimately, it will help to prevent your Netflix user account(s) and login/payment details from falling into the wrong hands.


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4. Avoid bandwidth throttling

Experiencing buffering issues while streaming can be a nuisance, especially if it happens frequently. Thankfully, a good VPN for Netflix could help solve the problem.

As streaming is an online activity that can take up a lot of bandwidth, your internet service provider (ISP) may be inclined to reduce your connection speed if they think it’s taking up too much network space. This is known as bandwidth throttling, and it can produce buffering issues while streaming.

If you know this is happening to you. using a VPN while you stream Netflix means that your internet activity will effectively be hidden from your ISP. Therefore, you’re much less likely to experience bandwidth throttling and will be able to enjoy Netflix uninterrupted.

Not a solution to slow internet itself, then, but worth trying if you're aware that your ISP is restricting the bandwidth to our home.

5. Use across different devices

One of the reasons that Netflix and other streaming services have escalated in popularity is their flexibility. You're no longer restricted to watching every new show or blockbuster on a TV. 

Using a VPN is just as adaptable, as the best ones can be used on many devices, including Windows PC/Mac computers and laptops, as well as Android/iOS-supported phones and tablets.

More impressively still, a good VPN will also be compatible with TV streaming devices (like Chromecast and Roku), selected smart TVs (such as Apple TVs), and games consoles (namely PlayStation and Xbox consoles).

Downloading and installing a VPN onto your device shouldn’t be a complicated process, and neither should it take a long time. After it’s complete, you’ll be able to select a suitable server from which to stream your chosen Netflix content.

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Considering a VPN for your Netflix streaming?

If you’re the sort of person who can’t get enough of Netflix and - indeed - wants to get even more from the service, then you should consider choosing from the best Netflix VPNs.

With a good VPN you’ll be able to access geo-blocked content, avoid bandwidth throttling, maintain swift connection speeds, and privately stream across multiple devices. What’s more, a VPN will help to keep your internet data secure if you choose to stream on public Wi-Fi networks.

In terms of the law, it’s understandable if you’re a little apprehensive about using a VPN to stream Netflix. However, in most countries, it isn’t illegal to use a VPN for this purpose, even if it technically contravenes Netflix’s terms and conditions. 

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