Where to watch Friends: Stream every season online

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Could Friends be the most famous TV show of all time? It's certainly up there, and if you're flipping through the channels it's not hard to find Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey gracing your screen. However, if you want to pick a particular episode, you'll be wanting to know exactly where to watch Friends where you are.

Where to watch Friends online

Air dates: 1994-2004

Total seasons: 10 (236 episodes) 

Creators: David Crane, Marta Kauffman    

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer 

Streaming options: HBO Max (US) | Netflix (UK/AUS) | Crave (CA) | Binge (AUS)

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Over 236 episodes, Friends follows the developing relationships between six characters who live together in Manhattan, New York. As they help one another navigate modern life (well, 90s life) as 20/30-somethings, they encounter many unexpected comedic mishaps, career uncertainties, and romantic adventures along the way.

Since it ended, Friends surprisingly hasn’t faded into the cultural wilderness. It still garners plenty of new fans and brought about a new chorus of laughs and nostalgia with Friends: The Reunion

Whether you’re keen to watch Friends for the first time or you’re a long-time fan who wants to revisit the fun, you can watch all 10 seasons on streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix, as well as the one-off reunion special. In this article, we show you where to watch Friends if you’re in the US, the UK, Australia, or Canada. 

Can I watch Friends on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers can rejoice as all ten seasons of Friends are available to stream on many of the service's international platforms. It's one of the best Netflix UK shows available, and can also be found on a number of other libraries, including Netflix Australia and Netflix New Zealand. You can also find it on Netflix in the likes of Germany, France, Ireland, and so on.

How to watch Friends if you're out of the country 

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Where to watch Friends online in the US 


HBO Max currently has the rights to Friends in the US, so it is the best choice for streaming all 10 seasons, as well as Friends: The Reunion, which sees all six friends get back together to discuss the decade long cultural phenomenon.

When it comes to the HBO Max price, you have a couple of options. There is now a with-ads plan that costs $9.99 a month, or you can forgo ads for $14.99 a month and also benefit from streaming all Warner Bros 2021 releases simultaneously with its showing in theaters. 

Sadly, there is no longer a HBO Max free trial, but it does offer an expansive library of varied, great-quality content. Fans of Friends, for example, can also enjoy other popular sitcoms, like The Big Bang Theory and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

HBO Max is compatible with a variety of devices, including Apple TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Fire Sticks, Samsung TVs, Roku devices, Google Chromecast devices, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X), Sony PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5), PC computers, and Mac computers.

If you prefer, every season of Friends can be bought individually for $19.99 from Prime Video. You can also buy all 10 seasons as one-off purchases from Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, and FandangoNow.

Where to watch Friends online in the UK


In the UK, the entire Friends saga is available to watch on Netflix. Although there isn’t a free trial, the basic plan costs just £5.99 per month, which gives you access to unlimited movies/TV shows in the Netflix catalog.

Currently, if you want to watch back the Friends: The Reunion, you'll need to make most of one of our Sky TV deals to catch-up on the one-off special on Sky Go. Alternatively, you can get a Now TV membership.

Alternatively, every Friends season is available to buy as a one-off purchase for £14.99 each from Rakuten TV, Prime Video, and Apple TV. 

Where to stream Friends and watch every season online in Canada


Friends left the Canadian version of Netflix in early 2021, but it can now be found in its entirety on Crave, as well as the reunion episode. You can subscribe to Crave for CA$9.99 a month, and it comes with a seven-day free trial.

If you wish to buy individual seasons of Friends on a one-off basis, all 10 are available to purchase for $14.99 each from the Microsoft Store and Apple TV.

Where to watch Friends: stream every season online in Australia


For Australian fans, Binge, is the best place to watch all 236 episodes of Friends. It costs AU$10 and includes a 14-day free trial. Here you'll also find the Friends reunion episode.

All 10 seasons can also be found on Australian Netflix. Alternatively, you can purchase each season individually from Google Play and Apple TV.

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