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Championship Manager 2011 on iPhone review

Stats are the name of the game in this addictive iPhone app

Eidos Championship Manager 2011
The game is on, the stats are dancing. Bristol City look to have the edge over a slightly nervy Norwich


  • Loads of options
  • Tactical detail aplenty
  • Fun press conferences


  • Poor graphics, no sound

Championship Manager 2011 boasts all the football leagues of England, Scotland, Spain, France and Italy, although for licensing reasons, not everything looks as it should in the English Premier League.

While the game is easy to pick up thanks to a well-designed interface, there's a lot of management to be done if you dig deep enough.

On a basic level you'll need to read email alerts, accept or decline bids for your players, decide on your squad and choose formations for the matches themselves. And it's perfectly possible to breeze through a season doing just this – you won't get promoted, but you can enjoy a casual experience.

To really enjoy the game, you have to get a little more involved. Consult your coach and decide on training regimes, rest injured players, have one-to-ones with individual players, select tactics – you can even emulate the playing style of a classic European team from the past.

Press conferences are also great fun, as you choose which journalist to speak to and attempt to answer questions in ways that will please them and the fanbase.

Matches are played out on a top-down representation of the pitch, with stats rising and falling followed by animated highlights featuring little dots for players. It's functional, but we need a little more atmosphere frankly.

Oddly, there's no sound in any part of the game whatsoever. Still, this is the best of its type on the iPhone.

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