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Ninja HB150UK Blender & Soup Maker review

Switch between hot and cold recipes to suit your mood

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Our Verdict

The Ninja HB150UK Blender & Soup Maker offers so much more than a standard blender, providing the perfect set up to cook hot, aromatic soups in 20 minutes and liquidize cold drinks in less than 2.


  • Makes hot soups as well as cold smoothies
  • High-speed crushing blade, tamper and brush included
  • Impressive range of presets


  • Can be tricky to clean under the blade
  • Jug cannot be submerged in water when washing

Ninja is mainly known for it range of powerful personal blenders such as the Nutri Ninja BL580UKV that can vacuum-blend a variety of smoothie-style drinks for on the go, and are among some of the best blenders you can buy right now. 

The Ninja HB150UK Blender & Soup Maker is a new addition to the collection however, and offers much more than the ability to produce velvety-like smoothies - as Ninja’s first blender and soup maker it comes with a built-in heating element so you can make smooth and chunky soups in around 20 minutes.  

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Price and availability

While an entry-level Ninja personal blender will cost you from around £60, you can expect to pay more for the versatile Ninja HB150UK Blender & Soup Maker. It is currently priced at £129.99 / $165  / AU$254, both on the Ninja website and on Amazon.

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The Ninja HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker provides an extensive choice of pre-set ‘Auto-iQ’ programmes and we were instantly impressed by its control panel, which is full of inspiration. You can choose from settings for cold recipes including milkshakes, desserts, frozen drinks and smoothies, to hot options such as chunky soup, smooth soup and jam. It also comes with a comprehensive recipe book and tamper for prodding ingredients through its lid opening while you blend.

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We found its non-slip feet held the base securely in place on the worktop and the jug locks in neatly too, although we did need to use a little oomph to secure the lid in place. Its heat-resistant glass jug allows you to blend up to 1.7litres of cold liquid in one go and 1.4litres of hot, so it’s definitely a good option if you have a large family.


With a 1000-watt motor, the Ninja HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker is no doubt powerful. While making a banana, avocado and spinach smoothie that we packed with a handful of ice, the operation was impressively low-key compared with other models we’ve tested, and reached just 82 decibels. By contrast however, when we used the Frozen Drink setting to crush ice, the machine revved up to a hefty 106 decibels.

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The Ninja features a display panel that alerts you when the program is finished or when you need to replace the jug, and we also found the pause setting comes handy when we wanted to add more ingredients during use.

What we like most about this design is the fact that every aspect of soup making has been thought through – it has food-processor style functions so you can ‘chop’ and ‘blend’, and then there’s the ‘sauté’ option that allows you to cook onions, garlic and spices, and the ‘keep warm’ setting that will keep contents toasty for up to 60 minutes after use. If you want to manually cook soups that contain raw meat such as chicken, you can use the 60-minute ‘cook’ setting and manually control the texture and length of time.

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Like all countertop appliances that cook hot foods such as slow cooker and pressure cookers however, you’ll need to ensure you wash the blender thoroughly after use to avoid any flavour transfer. The lid, center cap and tamper can be placed in the dishwasher, and while the jug has a non-stick coating it features an integrated heating element, which cannot be submerged in water incase of damage. To clean beneath the blade, you’ll need to rely on the ‘clean’ setting, that combines heat and rapid pulses to remove residue – after cooking soup with garlic and onions we used this feature a couple of times to ensure a thorough clean.

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What is most enticing about the Ninja HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker is that it can handle both hot and cold recipes and can cook raw ingredients from scratch. 

You can use it to make nutritious smoothies for breakfast, and then flavour-bursting soups for lunch, which makes it a great option if you’re looking to follow a health conscious lifestyle. You can use it to make sauces and dips, and fruit jams finished to your desired texture too. Structure wise, it weighs around 5.6kg and feels like one of the bulkier blenders we’ve reviewed, but for the range of hot options it provides we think it’s worth making room for on your countertop.