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Canon PowerShot A1100 review

A fully featured compact camera with a disappointing screen

Canon PowerShot A1100
With a function wheel more common to DSLRs, you're sure to be able to make quick adjustments on the fly

Our Verdict

With a few more features than some of it's brethren, the A480 is a fully featured compact that is unfortunately a bit too pricey to recommend


  • Old-school viewfinder
  • Nice pictures
  • Digic4 processor


  • Price
  • Poor LCD screen

With a street price double that of the Canon PowerShot A480, it's only natural that we'd expect rather more from the A1100 IS and, sure enough, this model boasts DIGIC 4 image processing, an optical image stabiliser, slightly more zoom range (4.0x) and, at 12.1MP, an extra couple of megapixels to play with.

You also get an extra control dial on the top of the camera (as with the other more expensive models in the group), making for quicker, easier and more intuitive selection of different shooting modes and scene modes.

Unfortunately, the A1100 IS features the same uninspiring 2.5-inch, low-res LCD as the A480 but, uniquely in the group, this is complemented by an optical viewfinder, which will please old-school photographers who like to lock the camera against their face to reduce camera shake.

The A1100 IS offers everything that the A480 does, plus a couple of extra tricks, but it's a touch expensive.

Via PhotoRadar