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BBC iPlayer will soon lock you out if you don't own a TV licence


The BBC iPlayer "loophole", which currently lets people watch online on-demand content without a licence fee, is to be closed.

The announcement comes as part of the government's white paper, which has laid out a proposed set of changes to how the BBC will operate.

The government said it will modernise the licence fee to include on-demand content, locking out people who don't pay the licence fee.

"This will ensure that the television-watching public gets a fair deal," reads the proposal, "that those who enjoy licence fee funded on-demand programmes are also contributing to the cost of producing it, and that the funding of the BBC remains robust for the future."

Verification please

How this will eventually be implemented isn't yet certain but a verification system, confirming the user is a licence payer, is what's being proposed.

The white paper notes that this would potentially allow people to access iPlayer while on holiday (which you currently can't do without some VPN trickery), giving the service an added benefit.

Among the other changes announced, independent media regulator Ofcom is to oversee the BBC's output, while the BBC will be transparent in the future about which of its stars are earning more than £450,000 a year.