Samsung's bargain A series is showing up the market with its incredibly affordable deals

Samsung phone deals
Image credit: Samsung

In a world where the best mobile phone deals cost a small fortune, we always welcome new entries to the market that offer something both affordable and spec-heavy. With Samsung's latest A series, you get exactly that.

Samsung's latest collection of 'A' devices - the Samsung Galaxy A40, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 - all landed with pricing you would expect for budget devices while maintaining Samsung's usual level of quality.

But as if they weren't already competitively priced, iD Mobile - a Carphone Warehouse-owned retailer and network - has brought forward some deals so cheap they make the rest of the market look like a pricing error.

The even better news? These offers from iD are completely exclusive to TechRadar readers. That means you can revel in impressively low monthly bills while boasting about it too. And you can even knock an extra tenner of the upfront price by entering the voucher code IDMOFF10 at the checkout.

You can see all of these offers below or check out our guide to the best Samsung phone deals to see just how much you're saving here.

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These exclusive Samsung phone deals:

Samsung Galaxy A40 | iD | £50 £40 upfront with code IDMOFF10 | 2GB data | 500 minutes | Unlimited texts | £14.99pm
The cheapest of these three devices, the Samsung Galaxy A40 is one of the cheapest devices out there with these kind of specs. Pay just £14.99 a month for a premium design, strong camera performance and a 3100mAh battery. For this price you will seriously struggle to find something that matches this smartphone. Total cost over 24 months is £399.76
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Samsung Galaxy A50 | iD | £60 £50 upfront with code IDMOFF10 | 5GB data | 600 minutes | Unlimited texts | £19.99pm
Stepping up in both performance and price, the Galaxy A50 is the middle point for these devices. You're paying an additional £5 a month on top of the A40, but for that price increase you get a device that features a better camera, battery and processor. On top of all of that, the data cap jumps up to 5GB. Total cost over 24 months is £529.76
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Samsung Galaxy A70 | iD | £70 £60 upfront with code IDMOFF10 | 5GB data | 600 minutes | Unlimited texts | £21.99pm
The most premium of the three devices, the A70 looks and feels like a top of the line phone. It has an impressive screen, big battery and an attractive all around design. It might cost more than its two smaller brothers but we'd say the price increase is more than worth it for the jump up in performance you're getting. For an even cheaper price, has you covered, just watch the low data limit. Total cost over 24 months is £587.76
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