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Canon unveils modified 60D

Canon EOS 60Da
Canon has revealed a modified version of its 60D enthusiast DSLR

Canon has announced a modified version of its enthusiast level camera, the Canon EOS 60D. The "60Da" will included a modified low pass filter which makes it more sensitive to hydrogen-alpha (Ha) wavelengths of light.

The camera is designed to be ideal for shooting astronomical phenomena such as diffuse nebulae, which are characterised by a distinct red colours.

A standard DSLR includes an infrared filter which limits the amount of Ha light that passes through to the sensor, in order to prevent unwanted colour artefacts in the final image.

The modified filter inside the 60Da offers three times more transparency for Ha light than the 60D.

Original specs

Other specifications of the camera remain the same as the original camera, including its 18-million pixel sensor, Digic 4 processor and high ISO shooting capabilities.

Like the original, the 60Da also features a vari-angle LCD screen and live view support, which is ideal for shooting subjects from awkward angles and while using a tripod.

The Canon EOS 60Da UK price will be £1,174.99/$1,499.00 and is expected to be available from June.