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Will the LG G4 sport a 3K display?


According to a new rumour the upcoming LG G4 could be coming with an impressive 3K display. "Could be" is the key phrase here, as although we'd be interested in seeing such a stunning screen on the LG G4, this rumour is far from verified, so read on with caution.

According to the MyLG website, a "trust worthy tipster" got in contact with a screenshot that claims to be a list of various specifications for a device with the model number 'LG-VS999'.

MyLG has come to the conclusion that this device could be the LG G4, as its predecessor, the LG G3, had the model number LG VS985 for the Verizon model.

Screen dreams

In the screenshot the LG-VS999 is claimed to have a screen resolution of 1620×2880, which could suggest that the LG G4 will be getting a special edition for the Verizon network with a 3K screen.

A similar rumour was posted on the French forum, again suggesting the screen's resolution would be 1620×2880.


Until we get further verification on these rumours we wouldn't get too excited, but if they do prove to be correct then we hope LG has also included a battery in the LG G4 that will be able to cope with such demand.