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Super 3G mobiles approach 1Gbit/s speeds

According to DoCoMo, the path to 4G networks is already clear.

A few days ago we reported how Japan's NTT DoCoMo had developed the electronics necessary for mobile phone downloads at up to 200Mbit/s, so it's only fitting that we should receive news that the base station technology has just been souped up to facilitate 900Mbit/s internet connections.

The latest development in the breakneck race towards gigabit-class internet connections on mobile phones is a prototype wireless base station from Fujitsu that relies, as expected, on MIMO technology to combine data streams.

3G on the way out

Fujitsu has been working with DoCoMo on the base stations since November 2006 as the giant carrier works to phase out its current 3G services in the near future.

DoCoMo expects to introduce Super 3G services within the next four years, although quite what we're expected to do with such fast on-ramps to the internet remains to be seen - we're sure someone will think of something.

The hardware will be on display at the CEATEC 2007 show in Japan next week and we'll be there to check it out for you.