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iPhone app plays Guy Fawkes card

Sonic Boom and Sonic Lighter
Sonic Boom and Sonic Lighter

In the unlikely event that you have been wondering what all the bangs and pops have been in the past week, we should inform you that it's Guy Fawkes Day – and you could celebrate by downloading a 'virtual firecracker' app to your iPhone.

In what has to go down as a case of well timed marketing, Smule has pointed out that its latest iPhone application Sonic Boom can provide you with a virtual firework – although we don't really know why you'd want to.

Apparently, not only can you resize the virtual firecracker with a vertical pinch, but you can also ignite the fuse by using your finger as a virtual match.

There's more

And if you are prepared to fork out the 59p for the app, you can also fork out another 59p to get yourself Smule's Sonic Lighter and use a second iPhone to 'light' the fuse.

Other alternatives involve buying yourself a box of real matches (c20p) or going and watching a real fireworks display (from free).

But each to their own…