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LG's 4K HDR TV just got a huge discount in the Amazon sales

(Image credit: LG)

Amazon's end of summer sale is underway, with big savings on tech including TVs, and this 4K TV deal – courtesy of the LG TV 2019 range – is one of the best of the lot. 

LG doesn't tend to make many budget TVs – usually angling for mid-range and premium offerings with its OLED (organic LED) panel technology, which has been taking the high-end TV market by storm.

Below LG's best OLED TVs, though, is its 4K LED TV range – with plenty of the processing smarts and 4K / HDR technologies we expect to see in a modern smart TV. And this particular set, the LG UM7510 (2019), is getting a discount of up to 40% off its RRP across all four sizes: 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch.

The saving gets bigger for larger panel sizes, but even the 43- and 49-inch models can save you a pretty penny.

You can see the deal for each model below, but make sure to move fast while these prices last – we saw similar discounts for the Sony XG70 (from the Sony TV 2019 range), but that very quickly returned to its previous price.

LG 43-inch 4K HDR LED TV | £599 £425 | 29% off
This entry-level HDR TV offers a world of expanded colors and enhanced contrast, with a crisp 4K resolution, 20W speakers, and LG's leading webOS smart platform. It can't compete with LG's premium OLED sets, but at this price it doesn't have to.View Deal

LG 49-inch 4K HDR LED TV | £699 £499 | 29% off
If 43 inches isn't big enough for you, get the next size up, with a sizeable £200 saving on the 49-inch model.View Deal

LG 55-inch 4K HDR LED TV | £799 £599 | 25% off
Or consider £300 off the flagship 55-inch model. And if that isn't enough screen for your eyes...View Deal

LG 65-inch 4K HDR LED TV | £1,299 £799 | 39% off
The biggest saving is, unsurprisingly, for the biggest TV – with a whopping £500 off the 65-inch model. That's how to get a big screen in your home at an affordable price.View Deal

Henry St Leger

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