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Broadband is the 'most loved' innovation of the last decade

Britain and brodband up a tree...
Britain and brodband up a tree...

When it comes to recent technology innovations, broadband is the thing that has enhanced most people's lives in the UK.

This is according to a study by consultancy firm The Foundation.

Over 2,000 people were asked what products and services they most loved over the last 10 years and broadband came top, closely followed by online shopping and Google.

When it came to what people hated, reality TV was top of the list with social networks (namely Facebook) surprisingly in second place.

Not all about shiny gadgets

"This survey shows what good and bad innovation looks like to customers," said Charlie Dawson of The Foundation.

"Home broadband was the winner, perhaps surprising if you thought innovation was all about shiny new gadgets. It's a reminder of how useful broadband has become for most people in the UK."

Other tech innovations that were liked included chip-and-pin cards (4) and digital cameras (5).

Twitter and LoveFilm (DVD rental services in particular) get a hammering in the survey as well, with both services coming in a 4 and 8 of the most-hated list.

Weirdly, public bike schemes are also hated by the presumably gas-guzzling public who were surveyed.